By kernewek - 26/05/2011 21:26 - United Kingdom

Today, I was at work, nonchalantly spinning my keys around my finger when they flew off and hit a glass cabinet. Broken glass showered passing customers. I don't think I'll have a job to go to tomorrow. FML
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If people weren't so sue happy these days you wouldn't have to worry about losing your job over something that's worthy of an apology and paying to have it fixed. Now some jackass is probably going to sue over a little tiny cut, probably not as big as a paper cut. But now the "Victim" can't walk by windows any longer for fear of being showered by glass and oh all the sleepless nights from the horror and pain of the mighty 1/4" gash in their pinky finger... sorry OP wrong place wrong time...

Because spinning your keys automatically make you stupid. /logic


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if you were as cool as me (I'm lil Wayne) that wouldve never happen

Because spinning your keys automatically make you stupid. /logic

No, spinning keys doesn't make someone stupid. But spinning it and having it fly off that person's finger into a GLASS cabinet causing it to shatter would kind of make him/her at least a little stupid.

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labeling someone stupid because of an accident makes you ignorant; and with ignorance comes stupidity, or lack of understanding.

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ydi for not taking a shower stupid dirty goochface

Not being able to recognize the danger and risk of spinning the keys in that specific environment is stupidity. Spin your keys all you want. Just make sure you're not doing it with so much speed in an area where someone could be harmed and something could be damaged.

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I don't even like Harry Potter and I think your pic is amazing 3. Lol... Now, on to the OP- how hard were you spinning the keys around your finger?? That's retard strength if I've ever seen it before! IASIP reference... Anyone? ;)

glass shouldn't be able to be that easily broken

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arent you cool why dont come down here so that i can show you how the water polo tool will crack your skull open in 3 seconds

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hey 76 why dont you come down here so that the waterpolo tool can crack your head open in 3 seconds

your masculinity is amazing! you should get a trophy for how manly you are, making idle threats over the internet...

You are not the sharpest pencil in the box.

or the brightest color in the 72 pack of crayons... oooor the sharpest knife in the drawer... OR... I think I'll stop now..:

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which means he/she's dumb.

Not the hardest dick in the orgie either :/

not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree is my favorite.

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Not the brightest star in the constellation. it's a shame when cousins marry. he's dumber than a box of hammers. nit the sharpest tool in the shed. hehe I'm done(:

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wow u deserved it, u should watch where ur swinging the keys

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Aww sounds like something I'd do :/ sorry I hope you can keep your job

sharkwkrox 0 was stupid but I feel bad for gonna take a long time to find a job cuz the economy sucks

it raining me.... broken glass!!! owww oohhh ahhhh

just goes to show that you can't be too careful.

Sounds like a "wrong time, wrong place" kind of thing. I hope it doesn't cost you your job.