By Anonymous - 21/05/2011 14:18 - United Kingdom

Today, I went out with my best friend and her hot brother. Upon our exit out of the restaurant I walked right into the glass door and rebounded back off it. The whole restaurant was silent as I shamefully walked out only to trip on the curb outside. FML
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sassyangel24 0

and I thought I was clumsy..

Should be on YouTube by now, gonna look up "exit fail".


sassyangel24 0

and I thought I was clumsy..

You are, but she is too. :) hehe jk.

I don't get people walking into glass. Glass is really visible, even if squeaky clean.

Depends. If the lighting is just right it is sometimes hard to see.

sourgirl101 28

3, consider yourself lucky if you've never walked into a glass door. I think everyone has at one point or another, minus you.(:

At least you didn't walk through a screen door and it coming off. ...then walking into a glass door leaving smudge marks.

25-your picture reminds me of a heroin addict's mugshot I saw once...

sourgirl101 28

43- your picture reminds me of a pussy I once pet...

I once was skipping, and hopped into a glass door...

haileemarie7 6

43- Is that cat missing part of it's ear...?

futtbuck101 1

Watch where you're going next time?

no, actually.. since people like that bring entertainment to the rest of us

kh8975 4

you probably made their day, that sounds really funny

KiddNYC1O 20

Way to break the ice on the apparent hook-up initiation lol.

I have no hair and I fell down a well, wish I was blond then I would have just knocked my leg against it.

your not that old so there is still plenty of time for you

xxsarahfxx 6

that's not good. look next time!! ydi. :/

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