By lulabell - United States
Today, I waved at a cute guy when I was leaving Wendy's. I then ran into a curb, spilled my frosty, and hit my head on the steering wheel. I turned around and both the cute guy and his dad were in hysterics. FML
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By  bollywood_rocks  |  0

frankie,I think she was DRIVING! read it again. Help her with what? Driving her/his car? I say YDI because you could've hit something else all in an effort to get noticed by some random "cute" guy. What if you had injured yourself or someone else in your quest to be noticed? Narcissist,much?

FML is becoming a safe haven for self centered and selfish brats.

By  stosborn  |  0

wow this is a funny story you can tell your kids when they feel bad or embarrassed about something to make them laugh and feel better, it could turn out to be pretty valuable