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Today, my sister and I had a huge fight because I flushed the toilet while she was taking a bath. The faucet for the bath was not running, but she insisted that she felt the water in the tub turn "scalding hot." She won't listen when I try to explain to her that it doesn't work like that. FML
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If the water turned hot because she peed in it, she should probably see a doctor for a urinary tract infection. Obviously.

No, they put the observation into an episode. I bet you think iCarly came up with "Web Shows" too.


I don't like taking baths. I get grossed out and feel like I'm sitting in my own filth... ew

That obviously means nobody else is allowed to bath, right?

*Bathe. And you really are just stewing in your own filth...

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Maybe you should bath more then you wouldn't have filth...

People only started saying its like bathing in your own filth because of that iCarly episode. It's so annoying haha. But I take baths just too relax, you don't need to be dirty to take a bath

No, they put the observation into an episode. I bet you think iCarly came up with "Web Shows" too.

Actually no I didn't... I haven't heard anyone talk about bathing in filth since icarly and people have pointed it out that they learned it from icarly.

Oh yeah. And what makes you have the right to judge me? Do you shit on people for pleasure?

#7, It's not bathe, it's bath.

33- It's either "to bathe" or "to take a bath".

"I have to bath." *"I have to bathe." And yes 24, but I only shit on people when it's socially acceptable.

I actually can agree with #1. Which is why I first shower, shampoo, and soap, then take a bath.

39 - You're wasting the worlds water doing that you bastard. *ties myself to a tree*

According to the dictionary on my phone: bath: 4. verb. When you bath, you have a bath. [in AM, use bathe] I'm not American. It's "bath".

That's not even the point! The FML was not a debate on taking baths. It the about flushing the toilet without the water running. Get a grip!

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Nope, it's bathe. To wash yourself is to bathe

I have heard the saying before, but have no idea who ICarly is. Not everybody's education comes from TV!

+facepalm+ It's wrong in the same way "colour" and "organise" are wrong. 76, in non-American English, to bathe may be to wash yourself, but to "bath" means to take a bath.

Sometimes comments are just as delicious as the actual FML post ;P

7 - In England we say 'taking baths' so get your facts right before you correct someone.

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The first comment doesnt mean she skips bath time. Showers are better than baths because you dont sit in your filth

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124) watch an episode of "dirty jobs", you won't have to wonder how some people can "contaminate an entire bathtub full of water until it qualifies as 'filth." or I mean just use some common sense and realize that not everyone has a desk job.

118- the FML came from California so here we say bathe. So shut up :)

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"Friends" used the "stewing in your own filth" line way before that little shit kicker from iCarley was even thought of.

This is confusing because an asterisk before a sentence means you are saying that sentence is ungrammatical.

Well obviously your sister never watched Garfield

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What does garfield have to do with this?

6- .....In the first couple of minutes in the Garfield movie, Jon's showering and Garfield decides he's clean enough and he flushes the toilet on him. Much yelling as half of the cold water gets redirected to refilling the toilet's reservoir. :p *Hides head in shame.* I know this cause my boys love Garfield. Really.

Thank you... I was just just going to explain that haha

It's still not relevant because her sister was taking a bath not a shower.

Is she ******* stupid? God my dogs shit has more common sense.

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people in the past too. No critical thinking skills.

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Hypochondriac or drama queen... Or plain denial..

It's all about the brain. If you think really hard that it it burned, you might end up with a burn. Once a man got accidentally locked into a broken freezer that never reached below 50 degrees the autopsy confirmed he froze to death. All works of the mind

If the water turned hot because she peed in it, she should probably see a doctor for a urinary tract infection. Obviously.

yea, cuz everyone knows you pee in the SHOWER, not the bath!! ^_~

I was in a hot tub and the water turned pure yellow around one lady. She must've thought she was hydrated thinking it would come out clear. She was most definitely dehydrated.

Why would you be using the toilet while your sister was bathing anyway? Kinda rude on your part, unless of course they were in separate bathrooms. Unlikely though for her to know you flushed if it wasn't in the same RR. I vote FHL for having a sibling that would do that!

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No, she could be in a bathroom near by and going to the bathroom. It's usually quiet when you're taking a bath and she could of heard the flush or the water going through the pipes. Its definitely not a FHL

9 - Why is it so wrong that the OP used the bathroom while their sister was taking a bath? They may share a bathroom or live in a house with only one washroom.

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Are you serious? In my house we share a bathroom between 4 people so in the morning someone can be taking a shower using the bathroom and brushing their teeth all at the same time we're all girls it's not that bad.

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Wow FYL for NOT having a sibling that would like you do that.

87 - You have 8 people living in a single bathroom home. Just curious, are you a Mormon?

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Many older houses can have 5 or more bedrooms, and only one bathroom. We lived in one for years with 6 people. You learn to work around it and share the bathroom.

It seems to me that so many people don't know 'how things work' that we're all in trouble.

I believe it is because her parents are brother and sister.

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That is super rude, that's like me saying you're an asshole because you're parents gave you up for adoption and you were adopted by wolves and raised in a cave. GAL.

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I agree with 11- it's sad to see how many people are so dependent on technology but have no idea how it works. In case of a zombie apocalypse or another ice age #11 and I might be the last humans left standing.

That comparison made no sense... It is proven when you get your sister knocked up the kid will be ****** up, or dumb. Maybe your parents are brother and sister!

22cute - Your estimation of the last people standing offends me.

People are getting dumber by the second!

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You ever notice in most families there's the smart sibling and the not-so-smart sibling? Take a guess which one OP's sister is.

I know plenty of families with two stupid siblings. It's sad, really.

HairyPunisher 27

21 isn't the smart one in their family :P

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21 was being sarcastic... I'm thinking you're not the smart one either

You're surrounded by idiots at home. Good Luck OP

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What is up with all of the stupid family members lately? If I had to explain simple things slowly, or over and over again, I'd just give up and wish them the best of luck in life. FYL, OP, for having a not so smart sister. On the other hand, I'd like to give her the benefit of the doubt and say that maybe she's no older than, say, 10?

I was hoping 6, but only because she's in the bath by herself.

She's just using you as a cover up lie of how she peed in the tub.

^ UTI's aside, why would the sister have to cover up the fact she peed in the tub? It's not like she wouldn't have known she was peeing. And unless she's sharing the tub with someone, no one else would know either.

34. A crazy thing called embarrassment is what would make her do that. Think before you try and make me look stupid.

52- Embarrassed....because she Choose (or an accident, doesn't matter), to pee in the tub, something No One Else could Possibly know about, so she decides to attract attention to the fact that the water got warmer suddenly? And you were concerned about Me trying to make you look stupid? :) I actually wasn't, it just didn't make a lot of sense to me, logically. So may I repeat your advice back to you? Think, then type, instead of being childishly defensive because someone Dared to question your almighty intellect. ;) Cheers!

Haha why the hell would she cover up the fact that she pissed in the tub? Unless she ate a **** ton of aspergus and it stank. So I guess what I am getting at is unlike draco, I am calling you a moron.