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Today, after being upset at the fact that my phone was stolen at work, I received a note on my locker saying, "100 bucks and you get the phone back." My phone is being held for ransom. FML
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Get as much info as you can from him then call the cops ^.^

Just show that note to your boss, coz its 'ain't fun damn it could have someone's private information in it as for pictures videos texts etc...


Get as much info as you can from him then call the cops ^.^

Agree to the exchange. Stake out the location of the drop off. Try your best to record the offense taking place (heh you might need to borrow someone else's smartphone to record).Approach the imbecile (come on he is - all this so he can get $100) then you have one of two options: 1.Ask them if they know what the 11 secret herbs and spices are or, 2. There is no two

Don't be quick to anger, it could be a joke. If is not, and you find out who it is wait about 6 months then strike they'll never suspect you.

I'm with 11, but if your terrorist has any smarts at all (which they probably don't, but don't assume), they won't be in person for an exchange; they'll make you leave the money at a specified location and then return your phone later. So what I would do, is either 1) hide and wait for the person to collect the money then confront them, or b) give them a counterfeit. Of course, you can always call the police and ask them to triangulate your phone's location, and then arrest your coworker.

On a side note, this dick doesn't sound like pro they sound more like a Child. Firstly, he said " bucks"... Are you kidding?! Who says bucks on a ransom note? Secondly, he only asked for $100. Most people have smartphones these days and they don't come cheap - in saying that most insurance excess payments to get a replacement phone is around $250. Does he not know he could possibly sell your phone for at least $300? Or if your phone is a piece of shit why steal it in the first place? Thirdly if they had ANY smarts about them (which they don't but..) they would use subsequent evidence from your phone to blackmail you further and demand a larger ransom. In saying this I believe you have grounds to write back the following message to this kid, "I am going to tell your mum if you don't give it back". Thus frightening him and badabing! You have your phone back.

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Better yet give the note to your boss and he can find out who it is by the writing from past applications

agree to drop the money off in front of a camera but don't make it obvious! if you have an Android go on a computer to the play store and download something called Android Lost! it installs remotely without having the phone near you and it can help you locate it! :) advanced settings let you snap a picture of the person holding it!

This sounds like a job for Michael Weston!

Call the cops on the stole phone? :P

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108 if the phone is stolen how does one call on it?

HoSo its not stolen, maybe your co-worker's might be playing games with you. Just wait and you will have your phone back.

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My friend once changed all my contact names to the same name except hers

I don't think that's how a ransom works...

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Cos we all have soo much extra money lying around for those things.. And cancelling a contract can cost up to a thousand dollars. But you're right, just get another one! Easy.

yeah it sure is if you have insurance

you can always add a new device ID to a current number in order to prevent a cancellation of a contract, but I know what you're saying. New phones are expensive! Not everything is so cut and dry...

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#20, you don't have to cancel a contract to get a new phone. And what company do you know that charges up to a thousand dollars for cancelling a contract with them? None do. Maybe a few hundred dollars, but not a thousand

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I 'know' of Vodafone who charged me $1084 dollars to cancel my 24 month plan 15 months into it. Without sounding rude, making such a generalised comment that absolutely 'none do' was stupid, considering I wouldn't have commented it unless I had some evidence to back me up

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I cancelled my contract with Sprint 14 months in and didn't pay a penny. Finished my last 2 months and that was it.

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I've canceled contracts with AT&T and they didn't charge me a penny. I've also lost phones and had to replace them and they didn't charge me. I know most companies do however but not all. And getting a replacement phone is usually really cheap ($5-$10). It's usually a really crappy phone but you can get another phone.

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It could've been any of your coworkers, since it was at your job locker. FYL though, OP. That really kills!

I would go to meet up to get the phone back then kick him in the balls/punch her in the boobs and take it. But make sure you have evidence like before hand that they stole it and wanted money for it.

Just show that note to your boss, coz its 'ain't fun damn it could have someone's private information in it as for pictures videos texts etc...

Invasion of personal privacy. Get da bitch who stole your phone fired!

Seriously. If this happened at work and the thief is a fellow employee, it's a matter for HR to deal with.

#5, and I hope OP put a fraud alert/credit freeze on all accounts before writing this FML. And had data backed up, if possible.

Well you can get a new phone for less than 100$ and just transpher your information from your original. Seems better than giving in to whoever took your phone. Hopefully your phone has a code to get in too!

Only if they want 2 start a new plane cuz other then that they r looking at 300+ for a good one

A new phone for less than $100? Buddy, I don't know what world you live in, but unless this "new" phone is used, that won't happen. Including the plans and all that. And we're assuming that OP had their information stored elsewhere?

well she doesnt need a BRAND NEW one. Just get it used it doesnt matter. I've bought them for 25$ lowest on ebay, or similar sites before and it was still in very good condition. Also once i called the phone company they just transphered my information such as contacts, etc. to the new one.

She can't transfer the information from phone-phone without the original phone. Plus, a new phone costs about $80 if you are on Verizon.

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And btw if op has insurance its usually 100 or less for a replacement I dont get why some people assume op has to get a new plan -.- srrry but some of you people are serious idiots

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Actually #13, if you get a cheap enough phone, such as a little go-phone you can get them for under 100$. I got one for 20$ once. If you are starting a new contract you can still get one for under 100$. So I don't know what world YOU live in where you can't do that, but you can. Moron

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But how will he do that when his phone is missing #8?

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I'm guessing most people on this site are so used to their smart phones that they forget there are still "dumb" phones out there too. Go phones and tracphones are cheap. Not fantastic, but they certainly work. Still, I'd be settin up a trap to catch that bastard.

Some information can be transferred without having the other phone. Like your phone number.

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iPhone's can store info on your computer at home. I dropped my iPhone in the pool one time and had to replace it. Went to the apple store, that doesn't sell apples, they couldn't use my broken iPhone to transfer info so I had to go home and do it myself from when I synced my phone. Most companies has cheap replacement phones. Most don't even charge you they just give you the phone. Last time I got a razor.

We've got a hostage situation. But we can't negotiate with terrorists! Your phone will have to fend for its own life

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Atleast it's some what good news :/