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Today, my roommate brought a kitten to the apartment. I hate cats, and probably sensing this, the thing clawed me right in the crotch. I of course am not going to say a thing because I happen to be in love with my roommate, but she has no clue how much I hate this thing. FML
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^^ This. What's she going to do? Is she going to castrate you and sell your dried manparts on e-bay for not liking cats? I'm guessing that's a worst case scenario bro.

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or he can man up and say "look here bitch, get that ******* pussy outa here and bring that ******* pussy to my room and then take that naked pussy and make me a samich!"

The easiest solution would be to tell her you're allergic to pets and that you don't want to spend the rest of your life taking allergy medicine just so you can comfortably live in your own house.

No, the easiest solution is masturbation.

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he's got balls, remember they got scratched. :p but just leave the door open by mistake, or get that cat declawed at least so you don't get clawed again.

I completely agree with one and ydi for not liking cats

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I think it's nice of him not to say anything lol..

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wait, since when are girls and boys ever allowed to room with eachother?

59 what are you talking about? roommate can mean someone who rent an apartment with- not just dorm room.

^ true that getting clawed in the crotch couldnt have hurt that bad, OP obviously has no balls. maybe he should work on not being such a tool and man up. then he'll be hungry and she can make him a sammich and they'll all live happily ever after.

the easiest solution is not to reply to the number 1 comment

accidents chuck it out the window.. oops

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How does it make him an idiot for not liking cats?

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@ #50 Some people just don't like cats. He doesn't deserve to get clawed in the balls for it, ass.

Nut up or shut up. Good advice for anyone to follow. May be difficult with claw marks.

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Especially when they're kittens! They're beyond adorable!

I'm a dog person myself, but I like kittens. My last cat was evil so it kind of ruined my cat experience

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She didn't even bother to aks if you wanted a cat before she brought one into your house? How selfish. You could have been deathly allergic for all she knows.

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Oh, you could be allergic, Who Cares! This guy's just play'n the game to get in this girls pants, you have a great chance cause she's your roomate. But don't mess around or she'll always think of you as just "her roomate"!

^^ This. Side note, you're not in love, you're just infatuated. If you haven't even dated her, it isn't love. Quit being a bitch and tell her how you feel or get the hell over yourself.

"I'm in high school and think I can objectively define love based on my limited experience with girls!" You're the one who needs to get over yourself, man.

I'm with 75 here; 61 you're a moron - of COURSE you can fall in love with someone before you start dating them, that was the whole reason me and my last girlfriend started going out in the first place :/

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You can absolutely be in love without dating someone... Now being in love without fully knowing someone is another thing

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You need to show that pussy who's boss and plow right through that shit.

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glad u got a haircut.... kick her out and then tell her she can move back n if she 'gives up that pussy' literally n both meanings of that saying

Wait does she even know you love her? Im guessing No because you said you were in love with your roomate not girlfireind. Grow some and tell her you love her and throw the fucken cat out the window. it wil live

dhow do you know that bitch? are you a car? no. or else you wouldn't be smart. oh wait! you're already an asshole! cats don't always live so **** off bitch

you're a dumb ass, wimp, and a yellow belly...grow some nuts or you will be miserable trying to please females by not speaking your mind punk