By crazy cat lady - 03/12/2014 23:24 - United Kingdom - Coventry

Today, I learned I'm allergic to the 5-month-old kitten we got 3 days ago. It loves me, follows me everywhere and sleeps on my lap in the evenings. FML
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Benedryl ! You may be able to do something. Talk to an allergist before doing anything drastic.


Benedryl ! You may be able to do something. Talk to an allergist before doing anything drastic.

Well, give it to someone or something? Or what he said

It's a five month old kitten!! You can't just give it away!!!

Taking the right allergy meds will do wonders. I know a lady who is very allergic to cats and she has two of them. She just takes her allergy medication every day so she can be around them. It might seem like a pain to take pills every day but at least you wouldn't have to give up your poor kitty!

I don't understand why people would waste money and time to take pills so they can avoid an allergy. Also what if OP is taking meds already that you can't take allergy meds because of?

because if you love something you do what you can for it

#44, you obviously don't have allergies. I've had severe allergies since I was 3. I would experience crippling migraines several times a week, sometimes causing me to throw up and pass out. Once I had a migraine so severe I honestly could not comprehend sights and sounds around me, I was effectively deaf and blind for a few hours until I threw up then went to bed (I was 10 years old when that happened). I am allergic to trees, grass, mold, dust, mildew, corn, soy, peanuts, and cat and dog dander to name a few. I started to get allergy shots every three weeks, three shots each time and was put on multiple pills a day. Now, at 21 years old, I have two cats and take Claritin "as needed." Allergy medicine has completely changed my life. Obviously this is an extreme case, but I felt it was important to inform you of how crippling and life threatening allergies can be. I'm so happy I'm free after years and years of treatment !

Allegra, Clariten, or Zyrtec. Something non-drowsy, however, be prepared to take it everyday.

It? A pet owner should say he/she. Shame on you cuz u didnt know about your allergi

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How would she know she was allergic?

Are you really that stupid #3? Not everyone has been around cats enough to know whether or not they're allergic, and the personal pronoun is no big deal. As for OP, I found out long after getting my dog that I'm allergic. Try talking to your doctor about an oral or nasal allergy med (or even one of each) if you want to keep the cat. Otherwise, you may want to consider a more hypoallergenic pet if you still want a companion.

I think that's pretty apparent #15, judging by his grammar.

God #3 seriously? People can go forever not knowing they're allergic to something, I didn't know I was allergic to cats until I turned 14. And to OP my doctor said I could still have a cat if I got it as a kitten, I took allergy meds, and the cat was bathed frequently. I've had a cat this way for a while now and it seems to be working fine :)

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I'm really sorry :( Hopefully allergy medication will help you pull through.

That cat knows what it's doing, evil they are. Eeeeeeeevilll.

No, wait! I'm allergic to adorableness! (asdfmovie)

Try bathing it at least once a week. It's generally the dead hair and skin (dander) that causes the allergies. A good oatmeal shampoo should help it may take a few weeks to Se a result. Good luck

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Ever tried bathing a cat before?

I gave up bathing my cat a long time ago. I prefer sneezing.

I have allergies I bath my partners cat weekly for this reason. She got used to it pretty quickly and now enjoys it except the blow dry

This might get downvoted, but I once had a kitten that I had to bathe every week and it grew to like the water.

Sorry 8, but you are wrong. People are not allergic to the cats hair or skin. It's the actually the saliva we are allergic to. People only thinks it's the hair because what do cats do with most of their spare time? Groom themselves, constantly licking everything.

Just bathe the cat, he says. It will be fun, he says.

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@30 you do realize thete is a thing called being allergic to pet dander? So 8 is not wrong. Yes some people can be allergic to the saliva. But by you saying #30 is flat out wrong us the reason you are down voted.

Bathing is a great option cus the kitty is so young. It'll get used it and you'll be fine. You could end up with a cute kitty that likes to play in water, even. And if you need to, allergy meds will help with the rest. Good luck, OP. Sounds like you have a great pet, you just have to put in a little extra work for it.

Bathing a cat isn't something one does if they value the skin on their arms...

awww im sure you can get allergy tablets so you can keep him

Ahh, that's the worst! Tried adopting an adorable kitten once, but my SO, who was just as bummed about the situation I was, turned out to be badly allergic. Pills wouldn't even do a damn thing. Sad day!

aeww. that's cute. most cats are the spawn of the devil.

Kittens have a lot of dander, I'm allergic to them but when they grow their adult fur I'm okay with them. So hopefully you're the same way :)

I've got a cat allergy as well, I dont know for how, but as I've been around cats more and more, I could withstand it more and more as well (: Might work the same for you? Otherwise there might be an option to get some sort of meds maybe as suggested above?