By Anonymous - 10/5/2021 14:01

Say sorry to Mr Whiskers!

Today, I awoke to my cat sitting on my chest. That wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't tried to get her off. She promptly went crazy and scratched me. My fiancée, who was sleeping next to me, hit me, called me cruel, and told me to apologize to the cat. I did. FML
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By  juggalo2  |  15

Be careful with your phrasing. If your fiance was startled awake by the commotion and made a sudden motion that accidentally struck you, that is not hitting. If he was awake and aware and deliberately hit you out of anger or to correct you, that is abuse, and you should seek help.

By  QueenSaru  |  28

I don't think this is really a YDI or FML without more details.

1. How did you try to remove them? As a lifelong cat owner, if you just pushed (even gently) a sleeping animal, they're going to instinctively dig in in the same way you would cling to something if you abruptly started slipping.

2. As someone else mentioned, did they hit you or flail awake and strike you by accident? Either way, asking you to apologize to the cat is dumb, the cat doesn't give a shit that you tried to move it, just that it was startled awake.

3. If they did hit you, have a conversation about it when you're both awake and not startled by a flailing cat. Unless this isn't the first time, and then DTMF.

By  Jessika Jensen  |  7

A lot of missing information.. Now I have more questions than answers..However? I will say? If it was "actual" hitting? Get help as a couple, or end things.

By  devilcatz  |  13

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