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Today, I was doing takeout orders at the restaurant I work at. I spent a long while putting together this guy's $135.00 order. When he finally got there to pick it up, I told him to fill out the credit card slip. I looked at it after he left. He gave me a 40 cent tip. FML
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most people i know don't leave tips when they order food to go, i guess coz most of the work put into it was done by the cooks, not the waiter/waitress. or something like that.


People that think they're entitled to a tip annoy the hell out of me. Why should you get paid extra on top of your wages for doing a job you were hired to do? Have you ever tipped a plumber or an electrician that came over to your house to fix a pipe or a wire? How about the cable guy for plugging a few cords into the wall? I don't think that you do; they're doing their job, why don't they get a tip? I don't see why food service of all professions think they are entitled to tips, they're basically at the bottom of the job food chain.

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Here's an even better example: do we tip the people at fast food joints? They do the same thing that people who do take out do. I guess the next time I order a Quarter Pounder at Mickey D's, I should tip the cashier for handing me my bag?

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If you've ever worked as a server or known someone who has, you'd understand the concept of tipping and gratituity. Servers make alot less than minimum wage, usually around 2 or 3 dollars an hour. Tips make up the majority of their income, and they get taxed on those tips. If a server doesnt make up the minimum amount to balance out to a normal income, the employer has to pay the difference. Tipping isn't a "bonus", its a server's income.

Roseisbored 13

23 should learn to read. He was comparing the OP's restaurant gig to a McJob.

Heres a tip get a better job! I dont tip unless I'n in a four star or higher rated establishment! No violins here!!

seriously 18? tips are customary because tipped workers are paid beneath the standard wage. consider waiters/waitresses: they are paid under $5 an hour and the tips are what allctually makes them money. besides, if you can't tip someone in the service sector then you shouldn't receive the service. a $135 meal warrants a sizable tip, that's proper ettiquette.

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@18 that's actually how people in a waitressing/waiter job make there money they get minimum wage and tips. I'm a delivary driver at the moment and we get $4.00 a delivary plus tips... you don't get a pay check you get cashed out everynight, so your tips count. I used to be a waitress butt 9 dollars an hour doesn't pay bills the tips are what help get you by.

sugarbabyxoxo 2

@31 where do you live... I've never heard of someone making 2-3 an hour. in Canada it's illegal to pay less than minimum wage in B.C it's 9 dollars an hour and in Alberta it's 8 I think? butt the imigrants make half the minimum wage because their contract is only half the normal salary, cause the bussiness owners pay for their housing. and plane tickets here and back when the contract is up.

You said it yourself, if the server doesn't make enough off of tips in order to satisfy the minimum wage requirements, then their employer will pay the remainder. So, how then, is NOT tipping going to withhold income from your server?

chuji 1

The reason people are allowed to be paid at less-than-minimum wage is because of this stupid cultural courtesy which has lead businesses to legitimize their half of lower wage rates. In Japan, service is high and they get no tips; there is a cultural courtesy to give good and fast service with no tip expected or even allowed. People should give good service regardless of the tip because that's their job.

@41, I live in Florida. More often than not, servers here are paid $2-3 an hr, though some (like my friend's brother) make around $6.50 an hr. Florida's minimum wage is $7.25 right now, and even the servers who make twice as much as the average server make at lease a dollar under minimum wage.

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ew sugarbaby your pic is gross. are people at fast food places supposed to get tips?

41 people shouldn't just have to scramble to make minimum wage. besides, employers are reluctant to pay the difference and cut the persons hours... all because someone was being cheap.

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For the record, I am a student working my way through college as a waitress. I live in kentucky. Minimum wage here is $7.25 but I get payed $2.60 an hour because it is customery to tip servers. That's how we make money and we are taxed on those tips like on any other income regardless of if people leave them or not. So, way to go all of you guys who said you don't tip. You're ******** on the working class.

QueenPersephone 9

@47 I have never heard of an employer doing that, mine sure as hell doesn't. There have been plenty of days i've walked out of the restaurant, usually during the winter when it's slow, with an average of around $5 an hour counting tips and my hourly pay of $2.60.

so true.. I recently moved to Japan and the service is ALWAYS great and they don't accept tips. however, my sister is a waitress in ga and she works her butt off for very little pay.. so I can also see the op's frustration. I don't think ppl should expect tips, it's just common courtesy to leave one imo..

Tipping is for delivery or dining room service, not for takeout, sorry!

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2 to 3 dollars an hour are u ******* stupid? u make like 15 an hour or more. @18

I'm a nurse and I'd love to get tips while giving all my patients their medication and such. but I don't, and it hasn't F'd ML yet :)

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But, as the customer, why should it be MY responsibility to make up the sub-standard wages of the employee? This isn't an issue in the UK (or elsewhere in Europe?) because waiting staff are all subject to the same minimum wage as everyone else (£5.80 / hour if you're over 21). If you Yanks could get over this idea that all government intervention is bad then you could also be paid a fair wage and not have to rely on this tipping nonsense.

I work at a restaurant on take outs too and about 95% of time I don't get tip so don't complain, it's your job

Ahhh I'm calling bullshit. If you worked at a place where they don't pay you minimum wage even though it's the law you TDI for being dumb enough to put up with that.

You make enough as it is,most nurses are pricks to patients.

Pirate, I've worked for 7 hours and gotten $3. Base pay of $4.20 an hour. It's just bad. Some people can't get another job, this is what they have in this economy. And no matter how good the service is, some people don't tip and some tip less than what it should be. I always give 20 percent. And I tip my takeout orders too. A lot of extra work goes into to-go orders and people don't realize that.

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Ok, I had a long post, but it apparently disappeared. At my place of work, I am paid $2.65/hr when waitressing and $5.15/hr when handling carry-out orders. We should be paid at least the standard min wage; however, that would lead to higher dining prices.

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Your so right! People aren't entitled to tips you give them for good service. Just doing your job isn't enough to warrant one. As for the people who say but it's how they make money. Yes true but if they don't make enough tips per hour to equal minimum wage the restaurant owner has to make up the difference so they always at least make minimum wage for whatever state they work in. If you don't like the fact you didn't get some tip find another job and stop bitching about how your life sucks.

yeah I don't know what y'all talking about, in Cali any good restaurant pays you minimum (depending on your experience of course) plus tips, I don't see how it isn't against the law for the employer to expect the costumer to, not only buy their product, but also pay their employees

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ok tard the pay is based on a 15-20% tip waiters usually make less than minimum because tips factor into it and really plumers and electrians make substanially more hell just for them to come out ranges between 60-150 dollars before they do any work you in the wrong profession dummy

# 18, r u stupid? Waiters/waitresses usually get paid below minimum wage (depending on the restaurant) BECAUSE of tips. dumbass

thats y canada sux. stupid socialists, like obama

18 and 20 are right. I tip a server for a job well done- not for doing their job correctly. also, I refuse to tip for a carry out order. that would be akin to tipping someone who works fast food for bagging an order. yes, I know servers get paid more in tips but if you don't like it, find a new job.

That's kind of splitting hairs isn't it? The name is wrong? (Which is isn't, because there are really just 2 minimum wages) America has problems, much like many countries, but it looks to me like you've swallowed every anti-american thing you've been handed.

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hmm...have you ever heard of a plumber or electrician who only makes $2.13/hr to perform a needed service for your cheapskate ass??? stay home and serve yourself if you don't think restaurant waitstaff deserve tips!! and to the next comment, fast food employees make minimum wage, so no you do not need to tip them!!

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my comment was supposed to be for #18 and #20

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@83 - I am sure you would love to get tips for doing your job ... the difference is that you make more than minimum wage while a server in a restaurant makes $2.13 per hour and they get taxed a percentage of their sales...if people don't tip they have no money at all because most of the time their actual checks are void due to taxes ... how would you like that?

Where I live, servers make at least minimum wage, they can't legally earn less. Tips just come on top of that. I'm against tipping, I think it's unnecessary.

junior1118 0

techically plumbers electrians and so on actually getva fat hunk of change it's manual labor charge tippin is like the waiter/waitres' labor charger they are paid a low hourly wage for comin to work and such but doin the extra comes in wit the tippin so jerks you don't tip is like them losin gas money and not bein able to groceries

you shoulda told him you "forgot" his drink or "free" side item, gone to the restroom and rubbed one out in his drink or salad

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@81: $15 or more wtf are you talking about... i work as a waitress and I make 5, my friend gets 2... and I don't know about this making up the difference thing cuz my employer never did that in his life. so basically, you have the freedom not to tip and i equally have the freedom to call you a ******** for it. no one's forcing you to tip, but if you don't, I'm going to consider you a rude person. deal with it.

dg72592_fml 0

although I do agree that people don't usually tip on takeout, you're exceptionally lucky to get a tip on takeout. but if you don't tip on a meal you're an asshole... it's just a cultural norm, if you don't tip you're being rude... no one's chasing you out the door and punching you in the face and forcing you to tip, just know that if you don't tip, you're being rude. if you don't have a problem with that, that's fine.

to bad there wages r there tips u douche bag

>> tip less than what it should be. A tip not something that should be expected. if it was expected it would be added onto the bill as a service fee or something like that. Tips are optional, and unless I have an exceptionally good service I won't leave more than rounding up to the nearest dollar on my bill so I don't have to take change home.

I sooo agree with you! You never see anyone tipping the garbageman, the janitor or the cleaning crew!

Isn't a tip supposed to be a reward, left after good service? Maybe you should have provided a better service. I certainly don't tip if the service provided by the waiter/waitress wasn't satisfactory. If you cannot make ends meet that way, get a 2nd job. That's how I paid for college!

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haha U sound like you were new at the job

I have never heard about employers making up the difference to minimum wage. That does not happen in Chicago where I live... I always tip my servers. It is not optional and it is expected. People who think differently should not be eating out, you cheapskates. And, if you don't like the service, you tip anyway and ask for a manager. Then you voice your complaint. Simple as that.

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I completely agree! Tips should not be required, they're already getting an hourly wage. Besides, many people work much harder and don't get tipped.

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because people are suposed to tip waitors and waitresses at resraunts. even the people who do to go orders. they have to just as much work. why? because waitors and waitresses only get payed $2.13 an hour. that's WAY below minimum wage. wouldn't you want a tip when you get paid that much???

tori121 0

when I was a waitress I got payed $2.13 an hour.

This has already been said, but servers make far below minimum wage. Tips aren't an extra. They are a necessary part of the money waiters and waitresses earn. One should eat at a restaurant with the anticipation of leaving a tip, unless the server does a terrible job. If you don't want to tip eat fast food or cook at home.

nikki_baby 0

im a waitress and i make $2.13 an hour. thats well below minimum wage. ive been tipped $2 on $50 bills before however its rare for me to be tipped less then 15%per bill. average gratuity is about 15% of the bill, usually 18 - 20% if youre a rockstar server.

audioxrach 0

once I took a $1000 dollar order, went in an hour before we opened so I could start prepping it, and didn't even get a tip.

^ Seconded - particularly the last sentence.

soccerdill are you retarded? if you read, it says that it happened in Alabama, which in case you've forgotten your geography, is in the US, as stated right beside the OPs name. How are you getting that Canada sucks from that?

damnrosi 0

seriously, you are an ignorant prick. I work as a waitress to pay for University, and most waitresses make far less than minimum wage (was only 6.70 a while ago, which is much MUCH lower than anyone else), so the tips offset the low wages (and the owners do not make up the difference). I hate customers that don't tip well, I make more than minimum now, but I am in a fine dinning restaurant which, for those of you who have never waitressed before, is a very difficult job, everything has to be absolutely perfect (working at crappy restaurants like Jack's and The Keg is also very difficult, not as difficult, but more so than working a normal job). So shut the hell up, and tip your waitress, or we will ask you not to return (that is very embarrasing for customers at my restaurant, most have a reputation to uphold), or if your at a more casual place, they will probably spit in your food next time (yes, it does happen)

damnrosi 0

on the other hand, I have never heard of anyone tiping for take out, its take out, you may have had to prep it, but you aren't actually serving and running around like a mad person for the customer, so don't complain.

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Wow, thanks for that bit of advice. Let me just quit this shitty bussing job and start up my own computer business. You're SO smart, how did I not think to do this before?! And to everyone else: I made $5 an hour bussing tables, and the waitresses had to split their tips with us bussers. Since our service isn't appreciated anyways why don't we just toss your food to you from the kitchen? That's giving it to you, that's our job. All that we've been hired for. And why don't we just sweep all that trash and uneaten food onto the floor? That's cleaning the table off, right? That's all I'm being paid to do. If you only feel like you should tip 4 star restaurants, then only go to 4 star restaurants.

NRA_advocate 5

**** the uk we whopped your ass in the rev war and if it came to we'd do it again

if u knew anything about the restaurant biz u wud knw most servers make 2.13 an hour so they depend on tips to make a living Jack azz

nouza 0

Are you people serious? where do you guys live? 3,4 or 5 dollars an hour working at a restaurant?! Here in Australia a waitress who jsut started her job earns no less than 16 or 17 dollars an hour !! Plus, we don't need to tip in Australia. We have something called GST (goods and services tax) which applies on pretty much everything, hence the GST gets included into the bill.

ohh 31 shut up thats complete bullshit. i work in a restaurant myself and the tip is mainly used for getting hammered after work.. they dont need the tip..

moto51 0

I think we all know that smart ass, learn to think.

41-I am in Alberta, and you are correct!

bubuchi3 0

most people i know don't leave tips when they order food to go, i guess coz most of the work put into it was done by the cooks, not the waiter/waitress. or something like that.

Horney4her69 0

yes! I don't tip on take out either.

I worked in carryout in a nice Italian chain, and I found that the people who order $100 of food generally tip NOTHING whereas someone who buys a drink or something else really small might tip $5.00. OP, that sucks, but it is how it tends to work. I'm so glad I got a different job!

8313girl 28

I always tip when I eat in a restaurant. Even when I get bad service though it won't be as much but I give something. I have never tipped for a takeout over. Honestly have never thought about it. I'm just going in to pick up food, hand them money and then leave. Don't understand where a tip needs to be given. Now if I stay for a drink then that's a tippable thing.

Reyo 2

Ok, you must've done something wrong, and I mean wrong. I can understand NO tip because then it means that the guy is either broke after paying for the original meal, or just doesn't tip, but puposely leaving a small tip is meant to send a message.

Doubtful -- it's takeout. And she implied she was meticulous. I think perhaps he did not know the rule of etiquette.

QueenPersephone 9

It's more likely that he either payed with cash and left the change or payed with a card and rounded up to the next dollar.

So what you're saying is, it would be understandable if he left no tip because the $135 dollar meal left him broke, but if he has any money left on his card, he must have several dollars at least, so leaving a $0.40 tip is sending a message? That makes much more sense than what I was thinking - I just thought he was near his credit limit, and the $.040 was all he had available on his card to leave for a tip. Thank you for enlightening me, Reyo.

If he was having take out he probably didnt want to pay a service fee then.

I have no idea why people expect to get tipped for take out. A pox on the house of the damn fool that started this! Anyway I'll give you a tip, don't eat yellow snow.

Agreed. That is just as annoying as the tip jar at the cafe.

They expect to be tipped because they have to tip out on that money,plus take time away from their tables to get all the food boxed up,all the sauces,silverware,drinks and separate containers in the right place. While they take all the time to do this,they are loosing time taking care of their actual tipping tables. Then they get tipped less from their tables for daring to not hover over their refills. And that 100$ order? 5-15% of it went into tip share,regardless of whether they were paid or not. Plus some restaurants have someone who is paid waitress pat(3$ an hour if your lucky) and all they do is take Togo orders.

muffinsareyummy 1

What did you expect? 10 or 15 bucks? I can understand if you're a waiter or waitress, but all you were doing was putting his food in a bag. Where I work at, most of the time, we don't get tipped for takeout.

I am a waitress for 3rd shift and work alone with the cook all night. I handle all take outs and obviously serving. I am taxed on my total sales for the evening, so if it's a really slow night and a majority of my sales came from those take outs, and none of them tipped, I essentially pay for the privilige of YOUR meal. get ******.

thighsofglory 0

And on all the really good nights when most of your sales come from serving and most of them tipped big, you still only claim your wages and not the tips. If that wasn't the case. you'd be stupid to go back the next day, right? You go get ******.

QueenPersephone 9

118- Servers are taxed on their tips regardless of if they make them or not, there is no not claiming them. You ma'am, are a baboon.

muffinsareyummy 1

Christ, butthurt much? Did you not read "where I work"? I don't expect to get tipped for takeout. Tipping for takeout is retarded considering I'm not doing anything. I'm putting food in a bag, for godsakes. If someone wants to give me a buck fifty, cool.

aleia18 3

Apparently you do not know that it actually takes work for Togo orders. But your prob ignorant like everyone else .

Roseisbored 13

I agree. I won't tip for take-out. I don't care if it's a fast food place or a restaurant. All are doing the same job, making my food, bagging my food, and taking my money.

Fucken dick I hate people who do that. happened to my sister all the time. Rich ***** would order and after she cooked and delievered they would give her a quarter. Mabye! **** the douchebag

I find it highly unlikely that your sister was both cook and server for a restaurant at the same time.