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  cocainewhore  |  30

I don't think she should dump him for a single remark, but she should definitely talk to him about it.

OP- I hope that your boyfriend just phrased that very badly, although what else he could have meant I'm not sure. If he meant it offensively, then he's an asshole.

  junkman6  |  22

Kinda sounds like OP was the one who made the decision to lose weight. Or is it now politically incorrect to want to lose fat yourself?

FFS. So many bleeding hearts in the comments lately.

  glabberfasted  |  16

But he DOES like her, no matter what she looks like. He's still with her, clearly he doesn't care about her weight. I don't get the people in these comments. If he dumped her because she got fat, you'd all say he's an asshole for caring about weight. Here, he is still with her when she gets fat, and you guys say he should like her for her appearance. What the hell.

  Siererrr  |  13

Maybe he meant that he doesn't want anyone else looking at her? Or it was a joke? I mean we have no context, so everyone should probably stop getting so intense.

  auro7  |  18

Maybe he was just trying to watch out for her. Maybe since she didn't seem that happy about her weight, didn't want her going to the gym and seeing all the extremely fit people, and then have her be harder on herself. He might have been just watching out for her, just in a poorly worded way.

  evan_7899  |  28

Maybe OP's boyfriend was concerned about chubby chasers, they like em large and said boyfriend was aware of the enemy, and took preventative measures to keep OP in his arms. That's one way to see it.

  NotABadName  |  9

True true my wife had a bit of fat on her when we met when we were 14 but hey we're still together and were both 28 now and we both have very athletic bodies so OP don't worry it was probably just like what #2 said.

  Cemetery87  |  10

that doesn't make it ok. she obviously has low self-esteem if
1. she calls herself fat
2. she lets her BF talk to her like that

there is no need to be an ass by adding to it. grow up.

By  MrFraser25  |  2

No matter what other people say, make sure you try your hardest and stay committed! I know words are discouraging but confidence is key to having a healthy lifestyle :)