By Anonymous - 16/12/2009 20:53 - United Kingdom

Today, I was making out with my girlfriend in my room. About two minutes into it, my cat walks in and jumps on the bed with us. Without hesitation, my girlfriend tells me to stop, rolls over, and starts petting my cat. FML
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You got c**kblocked by a p***y?

Awwwwwww. So cute! Sorry, I just have a thing for kitty cats. Looks like your girlfriend does too. Lighten up.


mcrgirljessica 0

Ha Ha Awesome !!!

Yea being **** blocked by cat lol

mizzkitty 0

fourth... lol nice cats are cool

Caayouteepie 0

You sir*** are the idiot. If you're going to insult, at least learn how to spell correctly.

damn... u read my mind.

Says the idiot replying to the wrong comment. Good job.

Sakura47 0

Actually i think he really meant "sire" and not sir. It's used often when you joke with someone respectfully.

South_Park_Shay 0

maybe she wanted to see her ct, don't be a sensitive a**.

You got c**kblocked by a p***y?

Mattrocker 4

Aww, I was gonna say that

Professor59 2

Happens to me all the time. OK, she's had the cat 18 years and I've only been here for the last three, but geeeeezzzzzzz. When this cat finally passes, I will finally move up on the list!

^ that's so mean :( Id do the same thing as his girlfriend! I love cats :D making out can wait a few minutes while I pet a kitty

Honestly that's not that bad. I do the same thing sometimes to appease the cat so it'll leave. ^_~

aww she likes stroking your pussy!

kitty seks

Two ******* = threesome

A guy who has a cat? You deserve it.

Omfg, you probably have never seen a cat, they are, in fact, the cutest animal on this shitty planet. You see, guys love cats because you can't be serious about hating them. OP, your cat is probably alot more fun than you, get over it.

SillyPoop 0

This Should be a sign she likes pussy better than you!

koolkat27 13

Whats the mattet, dont like *******?