By Anonymous - 11/06/2011 22:36 - United States

Today, I was lying in bed with my cat. I must have looked at him the wrong way or something, because he hissed and savagely clawed at my face without warning. FML
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Your pussy is out of control.

flockz 19

sorry i hate beiing the grammar nazi but *onslaught


eminemchick 19

cats are a strange kind.. but i might do the same on a bad dayxD

sup_bitch 0

dude that pussy just fucked you up

Do you have particularly bad acne? perhaps he mistook your skin for a scratching post.

sweetcheeksjvl 0

I'd throw that cat out the window.

sweetcheeksjvl 0

I'd throw that cat out the window.

no joke that happened to my sister .

ImmortalKratos 0

and you would keep a pet like that why?!?! I think he needs to take a trip to the vet...and not come back

MizzErikaHart 8

too many cat FMLs lately

whybother8 0

how does a cat warn u?

CaptinObvious467_fml 2

Fuckin pussy

maybe he is telling you its time to shave

NastyNinja31 0

dat was a pussy move

your pussy needs to loosen up? relax?

ravensunnyd 0

awwwwww how cute

chlorinegreen 27

I think the cat hissing at you was you're warning.

Were you looking into his eyes? when other animals - like you - maintain eye contact for a while they take it as a threat.

Your pussy is out of control.

randiZ25 0

here comes the on slot of lame pussy jokes....

flockz 19

sorry i hate beiing the grammar nazi but *onslaught

I wonder how big a pussy has to be to do that to someones head

Hey 26, you hate beiing the grammar nazi, huh?

Yeah, sorry 19, I did not expect to create a revolution.

flockz 19

44- yes i do... so what do you *invade? :)

Pussies be bitches when they have PMS

Whoa, now, let's not start a grammar war here. Or start with those pussy jokes.

denbeste 3

#2 FAIL. not even funny. try harder. kthxbai!

krissy707 4

it's being not beiing

flockz 19

^^^ thanks i got that but i have seriously lost all interest.

FreebirdIII 1

And now I have that song stuck in my head. Aahhh Pussy Control! Make it stop!!!

#8, I think we got the hint.

stop trying to seduce the pussy

first of all, I'M FIRST! and second, my cat does that with my feet! D:

first of all, no one cares if ur first. second of all, you're not first. and third of all cool story..?

I love mods. Sirin, is that you?

no words would've been even better!

Is it just me or does anyone else find it the least bit irritating when someone says "kthaxbai!"?

i had to look that up, makes sense now, but i thought he just accidentally stepped on the keyboard or something and ignored it. oh and yh, i totally despise it now that i know what it is :D

hellogoodbye1996 6

93- I hate that too. what you can't say 'okay, thanks, bye.' it's not that hard.

102 I like that song. You need pussy control.

rhpsfan9 10

# 12 that's just sick and wrong. I know you are trying to be funny but it's not.

modelmefamous 0

my dog does the same to me. your pussys just out of control.

modelmefamous 0

when I commented this I did not see the second comment just an FYI.

JacksonCampbell 9

You're hot, so don't worry about it.

BayouBoy21 0

its ok you're hot i forgive you

btnhdude 0

comment moderated.

kirbsterrr 5

Your picture looks a lot like Julianne Hough.. oh wait, it is.

OceanBreathesSal 5

haha I looked her up and went to images. and guess what i saw that same picture. wow whats the point of posting a fake picture?

CountryBoy1993 0

hey girl wats up where r u from

modelmefamous 0

no you guys sound dumb, I never said that was me in the picture.

202, you're really pathetic. Last night, I looked at your bio and it clearly said, "Yes that is me in the picture :]", and I'm sure many others saw it too. And now you're trying to cover up your lies by deleting that from your bio? You truly are the definition of fail.

idd! saw that too sone time ago!!! fail!!! oh btw fyl!

How do you know it's not her?

I'm not saying you guys are wrong, but it doesn't say on her profile that it actually was her, maybe she just likes juliana hough?

whip that cats ass.

Get out the cat's wet food, put it in a bowl, then put it up and down to torment the cat with the savory meal before it. that'll show the cat.

stop trying to make a move on your cat with your eyes... :(

Yeah, poopolicious, stop abusing animals. >_> heh heh heh

astrotacohead 0

or bite it

franticravyn 7

Leave your cat alone for a few days... it might be stressed out.

May I ask what would stress out a cat?

franticravyn 7

1. not enough attention 2. too much attention... or they just have a moody cat.

salvorican 24

Is that why my cat pisses on my bed and rubs her ass on my couches?

AlterrOnmi 0

naw it's just being a bitch :/

salvorican 24

I've taken her to the vet for urinary tract infections before. She got better and stopped peeing on beds. But then she moved on to peeing on the couch.. She's spoiled so I don't understand why she's like that

simonisnotacat 4

try not spoiling it. if it pisses on the couch again, lightly smack it in the nose. that tends to do the trick when my cats being stupid

Crazy4Christ 0

she said cat, not dog

salvorican 24

I yell at her when I catch her doin it. She runs off and does it again every few weeks. I honestly think she just enjoys leaving lil surprises for me to find later.. And purposely wipes her ass on the floor when I'm around. There's even skid marks on the floor.. I can't stand her and I don't think ima be able to keep her

spray lemon juice and water or citronella scented sprays where you don't want the cat to go

91: My cat only pees on things whenever she's in heat.

iJasper 8


1215116a 14

Looks like that pussy dosent like you.

maybe you should keep your pussy happy and finger him more often

stroke would've been a better word.

Bro, I think that's illegal.

You were lying in bed with your cat? That's the only pussy you can get, huh?