By mario - 02/03/2019 19:00 - United States - Corvallis

Today, my roommate ran out of filter tips so he cut up my chemistry note cards for his joints. FML
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manb91uk 22

Maybe he just wanted to demonstrate combustion..?


manb91uk 22

Maybe he just wanted to demonstrate combustion..?

If you really want to **** him up, slip his weed into his pocket and then next time he goes out, tip off the cops. If that's a little too much for you, mixing a few of your pubes into his weed seems like another good option.

Gofuckyourself 24

^ winner. Or smoke his joints. Sharing is caring 🤷🏽‍♀️

So do you burn down peoples homes when they disagree with you or just threaten their families? That guy that messed up your lunch order last week... did you beat him or just frame him for murder? Do you have any idea how insane this response is?

tounces7 27

Getting an asshole arrested for possession? I see no moral qualms here.

Guilbj2 Why yes, I do. In fact, just the other day a guy walking down the street sneezed a little too hard in my general direction. In response, I framed him for running the largest paedo ring in the world. You might have seen him on the news, in fact. I believe the fellow's name is Francis Bergoglio.

Ironically, the cards he used were the molecule of THC and your recipe for crystal meth.

Dealt with this shit before.take a nug of his weed and rub it on your asshole a few times, wait for him to smoke it later, enjoy :D

Well, he's a ******* moron, you shouldn't use filters on joints, they filter out more of the high than the carcinogens. You take in more toxic crap for the same high.

What brand of pseudo science taught you this utter nonsense?

justpickone 12

Why do you live with a druggie? YDI…