By holyshart - 05/06/2012 09:03 - United States

Today, I walked in on my roommate trying to smoke a Mars bar. FML
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They're outta this world! Okay...I'm done...

Aug1508 9

I guess your room mate was trying to get sugar high. I don't think they understand that concept lol.


They're outta this world! Okay...I'm done...

reallytho3 11

Stop while you're ahead plz and thank you...

What he fantasizing something while smoking them?

#10 Well #1 did say they were done... Well never mind. #14 please continue. *Gets popcorn*

#10-Spell complete words please and thank you

Who knows? In 1,000 years we could all be sitting on Mars smoking Earth bars.

Well, he's trying new alternatives...

I'm just wondering, was he really trying to smoke it or trying to melt the chocolate and lick it off? If he was trying to smoke it, did it turn his teeth brown?

I'm just wondering how that's an fYl op...

1 - it's about time you're done Mr. West!

17 just blew my mind

Yeah better than weed

Your roommate seems odd...

kayla_ann0o 9

Yeah but at least he didn't come after him trying to eat him like a zombie.

Yeah what a weirdo, I've heard of making an apple into a bong but wtf!

Pretty sure he was already high...

He's not odd. I lived that life for a while too. What he needs is support and love right now as he struggles to overcome his addiction. Mars is not your god, OP's roommate! You have the power to stop smoking candy bars!

Just a little odd lol! I wonder if the roommate was already stoned or on something.

Put it in your pipe and smoke it.

kayla_ann0o 9

Why thank you, theres a first for everything.

BunchieRules 31

Who knows what he was doing before OP found him... taking the blue M&M? Injecting chocolate syrup into his bloodstream? Snorting piles of sugar? Smoking sugar canes? Okay, I'm done.

Mars bars are out of this woorrrllldddd duuuddeee

Damn someone got to it before me :(

It was a shitty joke the first time, too.

I appreciate the gesture 48

Swedude 5

Wow. This is truly a life-ruining experience. FYL.

Aug1508 9

I guess your room mate was trying to get sugar high. I don't think they understand that concept lol.

bluekid7 5

That's some next level shit

chowE_fml 4

Chocolate wasteddd!!

Nah, he was probably already high and just wondering if he COULD smoke a chocolate bar. My sister tried to do the same thing with a snickers yesterday. All bakeddd and shit.

Your roommate wants to get high as the planet! ;)

andrew87804 4

No just no

eatthemcows 4

That's.... Genius!

It is genius, i fail to see the FML here though, i mean he could have eaten it when his roommate realized it wasn't going to work

sooo... was it working? no, but seriously... that's a weird thing to walk in on.

Oh, there are worse things to walk in. This site will show you almost all of them. (Congrats on first comment my good lady!)

Ah I know I know, this site never fails to fascinate me :) And thank you very much, good sir.

Must have already smoked something else first...

olpally 32

Yep, the roommate has the munchies now...