By wreckdit - United States
Today, I discovered that my roommate is a drug dealer and has been keeping her product in our flat. I discovered this when several police officers broke down my bathroom door and arrested me while I was in the shower. FML
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By  Binglebeee  |  16

well, I can only hope your friend isn't a complete asshole and truthfully denies your involvement. If she tries to drop the blame on you to get off scott free then you either need a dam good lawyer or start learning how to make shivs

  Ethancj2001  |  5

why the fuck do people get disliked on fml for the most low key shot? On reddit, someone can get gold for making a child molestation joke. and on here, someone gets disliked the hell out if them for saying the most mundane shit.

  Binglebeee  |  16

I do find it strange that a community and a site/app based entirely on schadenfreude is so sensative when it comes to commenting. I mean, the first comment I ever made was berated by several other users because they didn't like the wording, even though it was a positive response to the OP

By  momogal  |  22

I'm assuming you didn't have to sit in jail since you were able to post this. Hopefully, they don't bring any charges against you. Same thing happened to a couple friends of (minus the whole getting arrested naked thing). No charges were filed, but they still lost custody of their kids even though they had no clue their roomie was a dealer.

By  wreckdit  |  29

Hey, everyone!
Obviously I'm not in jail, because I was able to post this, but my roommate did NOT clear things up. We aren't friends, so she thought it wasn't any of my business what she kept in her room. It was pretty clear to everyone involved that I wasn't a dealer, so they let me go after a few hours. In the time that I was in custody, though, my neighbor told everyone what happened, so my roomie ran off with my car. They still arrested her, but now my car is evidence. It's also totalled.

  RichardPencil  |  30

Just think of it this way: you found out about your roommate's job via law enforcement (the good guys, mostly). Imagine if you were invaded by the criminal elements involved in the drug trade.

Glad you're ok

  SixthSinEnvy  |  39

May the biggest bitch in jail make your roommate her bitch. I'd start selling her personal affects to pay for all the damage to the apartment and the down payment on a new car.