By KindaLooksLikeCocaine - 23/09/2015 23:56 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I walked in on my drunk roommate grinding up stale marshmallows and attempting to snort them. FML
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There's worse things, trust me

^ weekend snorted.


Well, it's cheaper than the other white stuff.

Flour? Glue?

Cool whip? Sugar?

Baking Soda?

Your roommate sounds AMAZING!

Amazingly stupid.

^ weekend snorted.

There's worse things, trust me

Example please and be descriptive.

48 Pixie Sticks...I've seen a few people snort them and the look of shock/pain they got was as if someone dropped kicked their puppy and then told them their grandma died.

paravoz 30

one example could be grinding up dried sperm and snorting it?

On the bright side at least it smells like marshmallows now.

ACommenter 7

Even if they were white marshmallows, I don't understand what your roommate was trying to achieve...

I think you need to get some Hooked on Phonics or Muzzy DVDs because your literacy skills are seriously lacking. It clearly states his purpose in the FML.

Well at least your roommate isn't snorting real cocaine then, right? You've got that going for you.

zeffra13 31

One of my friends snorted a pixie stick once. Though it was in high school, on a dare. I wouldn't doubt he'd do that drunk though

cooltatgar 31

I want some of what he's having

I second that

One of my friends that lived above me in the dorm once snorted kool-aid. She was crying for quite a while after.

Marshmallows? Please, that's kids stuff. You haven't lived until you've snorted rainbows.

I snorted rainbows once, it made me blue then red, then green before I threw up a unicorn.

Dont snort rainbows. look what happened to nyan cat.