Sweets dreams are made of these

By jj. - 06/06/2021 00:01

Today, I had yet another dream in which my mother and I had a sweet conversation, followed by her hugging me and telling me she loves me. Then I woke up and remembered that my once-loving mother hasn’t spoken to me in five years, and her last words to me were, "I hope you die in a fire." FML
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bleachedraven 14

😭 that's not a mother.


bleachedraven 14

😭 that's not a mother.

Sorry, op. Hug for you

Not that its your issue to resolve, but I wonder if she has abandonment issues

Vesi 28

There is a LOT of context missing, here. I can't see a loving mother suddenly flipping the switch out of nowhere without some kind of reason. Did OP do something? Did she have some kind of medical crisis? Does she need to see a psychotherapist? Can't really say FYL or YDI without a lot more to understand WHY the flip.

You are victim blaming. No one deserves this, ever.

Huge hugs I've cut off my family myself. I hope you got therapy or plan to