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  Chaith  |  16

Maybe not? Anyone else notice in Japan, where this FML is from, boobs are put on a pedestal? #1 Country to have big boobs in the world. Fo really.


#24 I noticed that too, Japan is like the horniest country in the world (I base this off of those scary sexual cartoons and their National Sex Day and the sex-vending machines.) So to the OP, YDI for thinking he wanted anything different while living in Japan. ;)

  FLCL4711Fox  |  0

48 you son of a mother fuckin cock suckin bastard! you're just going around posting this you weak minded fool! nobody answer this anymore! this guy is a phony! a big fat phony! isn't that right you fat phony?!

  MrDanimal  |  0

Hey retard, if you were older then 12 you would actually like boobs. Assuming you are straight. Which I think you are not with that comment. This is the exact reason to have a girlfriend. To sum up. You=Gay, Boobs=Awesome.


it's UTmost, Gary. I realize you've got the same number of brain cells left, as that guy Pedro on the Real World (season 2 i think) had T-cells left...but try to sound like you interact w people smarter than your imaginary friend once in a while.

God, I'm going to hell. we miss you Pedro. rip