By redlips - 09/11/2010 18:06 - Japan

Today, I asked my fiancé what he liked most about being in a relationship with me. His answer? "I can watch your boobs without being called a perv." FML
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Wow haha. That was an epic answer. ;) I'm proud of him.


Chaith 16

Maybe not? Anyone else notice in Japan, where this FML is from, boobs are put on a pedestal? #1 Country to have big boobs in the world. Fo really.

thesunsetglow_fml 8

#24 I noticed that too, Japan is like the horniest country in the world (I base this off of those scary sexual cartoons and their National Sex Day and the sex-vending machines.) So to the OP, YDI for thinking he wanted anything different while living in Japan. ;)

I know this might sound stupid, but what does ftw mean?

Fortuitous 0

You are all imbeciles. It's "**** the world", bitches.

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DarkHelmet 10

wait wait wait WAIT!!!!! they have a National Sex Day AND Sex Vending Machines in Japan!!!!! I'm ****** moving!!!!!!!


FTW means Falling Through Windows!! lol IDK

FLCL4711Fox 0

48 you son of a mother ****** **** suckin bastard! you're just going around posting this you weak minded fool! nobody answer this anymore! this guy is a phony! a big fat phony! isn't that right you fat phony?!

stephanie0613 0

Hey atleast he likes something about being in a relationship with you and is planning on marrying you! you should be happy.

phreshboi 1

why would you ask that when he's your fiance? that's a question that should be asked way before he's your fiance...

cycle227 3

and of course, WTF means "why the face", right?

Women NEVER UNDERSTAND the power boobs have over men.

afroninjashuffle 0

japan is the number one most perveted country in the world! ftw


133- he's not a little boy you dick shit!

137 I actually could not agree with you more, Boob power is insane

xxEternalRain 13

Hey retard, if you were older then 12 you would actually like boobs. Assuming you are straight. Which I think you are not with that comment. This is the exact reason to have a girlfriend. To sum up. You=Gay, Boobs=Awesome.

hey dumbass, how can you presume someones gay from them saying lol... you = dumbfuck , this comment = awesome

4 - What the **** are you ranting on about? All 2 said was "lol."

sourgirl101 28

My #2 says 'dump him' not 'lol'???

Hgielad_720 0

It originally said lol but now it says something else.

TaylorTotsYumm 10

Sourgirl, if your poo spells out words, you may have a problem. Heh heh.

sourgirl101 28

My #2 dump? haha, you are clever!(:

TaylorTotsYumm 10

It took me 4 tries to get that comment to post. I had to say it.(:

if you poo spells out words you are magical, and you belong in the upmost of places high on a pedestal so others can bow at your pleasure.

KingDingALing 9

This conversation went from talking about gayness, to a conversation about poop. How the **** does that happen?

it's UTmost, Gary. I realize you've got the same number of brain cells left, as that guy Pedro on the Real World (season 2 i think) had T-cells left...but try to sound like you interact w people smarter than your imaginary friend once in a while. God, I'm going to hell. we miss you Pedro. rip

I think your boyfriend left some fecal matter on your chin.

3 things 1. #2 u stole my pic 2. #25 that's GREAT 3. gary ur pic scares the heck out of me, change it

Hgielad_720 0

Wow haha. That was an epic answer. ;) I'm proud of him.

WallyTheWombat 0

That's one of the perks of being in a relationship. OP should be flattered that he's lookin at her chest and not someone else's.

nakidna 0

have a sense of humor. he's most likely joking.

Every man loves to stare at Chesticles. it does not matter, if the lady is 100 yrs old we will still look at her ****.

macgruberiscool 0

your boyfriend is epicly full of win

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