By blackvogue - 01/04/2009 10:42 - Canada

Today, I got up early to prank my family. I put a bucket of ice water on top of a door frame so whoever walked through would get an icy surprise. After I was done, I went back to bed. I woke up groggy and disoriented like always and walked right through the doorway I had rigged. FML
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ahahahah! April fools!


First! And, I would SOOO do that. :x

karmas a bitch OP

ahahahah! April fools!

that's called karma, bitch

Woah I didn't even notice that 04/01 lol

You misspelled retard lol

You suck... lol

hahah wow that sucks. but totally YDI. and how old are you that you actually had to prank your family on April Fool's Day?

dude you're never to old to pull a good prank .


lol thats sad, but i can see it happening. one question though did you have a hangover?

Thats called karma, sucks don't it? =P