By wtf1234 - 03/05/2011 01:41 - United States

Today, my boyfriend and I went on a picnic. After we finished eating he laid down, closed his eyes, and put his head in my lap. At the exact second that I bent down to kiss him, he jumped up to get the Frisbee. We both have bloody noses. FML
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Your boyfriend sounds like an overenthusiastic dog. Flying up to chase a frisbee, honestly.


lol, unoriginal first comment fail.

"Oh, shes goin in for the kiss, wait whats that? Frisbee!" *smack*

TinyDude 10

that was sweet of u. but, its kinda funny how u got a bloody nose. no offence op.

i now kno how to spell "frisbee"

maybe he was trying to avoid the kiss ;)

LOL your pic! and OP at least you have a sweet boyfriend it seems :)

or maby its his way of giving an eskimo kiss? o.o

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It could have been worse. You could have queefed in your pants.

marinus always looks in the bright side OP

i do not know why but i don't likr you

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Maybe he just thinks you're utterly revolting and wasn't jumping for the frisbee but rather jumping away from your lips.

Well that was a mean thing to say... :(

Well that was a mean thing to say... :(

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Yeah, wtf?!

grumpybarista 0

Oh you're right, I must've missed that. Totally appropriate comment, then.

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wtf is your problem to be saying something like that?? Did that happen to you?

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Oooooh... Smooooooth...

Holy crap Irish, I thought you left FML.

i see what you did there... and i aprove...

Just checked out for a bit, mrah. Had a gimp winter. But, here I am! :)

LolMoqz 10

i see what you did there :3

bad joke alert!!j/k ur funny!! and very pretty!!;)(btw I'm a lady)

nessaface25 14

This makes no sense. What frisbee? like a random one? i thought his eyes were closed..?

They were on a picnic :)

I agree with #8

maybe they packed one for the picnic and he was gonna go get it. Dunno that's how I read it....

was he dreaming there was a frisbee?

ShadyFTW1 0

Would have been funny if he shouted FRISBEE!!! as he jumped up and broke his girlfriends nose.

Your boyfriend sounds like an overenthusiastic dog. Flying up to chase a frisbee, honestly.

itsmisskay 2

Hah! That's totally what I thought. And wth? Did a frisbee just randomly fly by or something. She said his eyes we closed...

if his eyes were closed how the hell did he know a frisbee was comin at em??

_Itz_Meena_ 0

that's what I'm wondering.

msbritt06 0

they probably packed one and he wanted to get it

Predental 5

he was about to get it from their bag. that's what i think