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Today, my mother woke me up by putting a beer on my face. After 15 minutes of her telling me to "just take a sip" and me rejecting it, I finally did just to shut her up. She then yelled at me for giving in to "peer pressure". FML
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That's not peer pressure, it's bullying. Your mother has power your friends don't.


Because his mom is going to do the same thing again even though he now knows the outcome? What if his door doesn't lock.

If I ever locked my door my "mom" would just take it off the hinges xD.

2 - i dont know what kind of a loose household you grew up in, but if i locked my mom out of the room that shes paying for when she demanded to get it, and i ignore her, id be in trouble and the door would be taken off the hinges...

That's not peer pressure, it's bullying. Your mother has power your friends don't.

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I found it funny too, but also sad that this is what the mother does to entertain herself. I feel like she may need some new hobbies.

Like a new friend. I suggest a psychologist

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I bet she did it on purpose to have an excuse to open a beer and then drink it to "not waste any."

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You must be white and a redneck. Lol

Excellent... Mom - 1, OP- 0... She clearly succeeded in waking you up

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Tell her that it is against the law for an adult to offer alcohol to a minor (supposing you are one)

not against the law to drink with a legal guardian in a private residence son

Actually in many states a minor can drink alcohol in their parents or legal guardians presence if the child has their permission (source: I am a waitress and had to learn all the laws for liability purposes)

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Your mom sounds like a beaaaach, people tend to drink a lot there. Not in bed.