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  kalbrek009  |  20

How is it a free bed to sleep in exactly...soundalike op is saying that the parents want the tax return for themselves...that's not free...that's reimbursement . Lol

By  sturschaedel  |  27

If you are old enough to move out they are right. I firmly believe that children who are old enough and circumstanceally (is that a word) able should move out from home and live life on their own.

That does not at all mean that I don't want to see them anymore, I'd be happy to have them living down the road and visiting more than weekly, but I want them to leave Hotel Mum&Dad in their mid to late twenties the latest.

  makkarari  |  18

I agree to a point. When my kids are 18-20 years old I'll be pushing them to get out of the house, unless, they are going to school. Housing for college or university is expensive so I have no issue letting them stay home. otherwise, life isn't a free ride, and I'm not carrying them through!

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

I understand you're point, but I don't think you realize what the parents were saying. The parents wanted op to move back home with them and live with his parents, they weren't saying move out. :)