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Today, I came home from a stay at my girlfriend's place. My little brother stepped on my bag and accidentally switched my vibrator on. I told him the buzzing sound was my electric toothbrush. He went to the bathroom and came back with the toothbrush. He won't stop asking what's in my bag. FML
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dannidoll93 tells us more.

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OP here, clearing a few things up. This actually happened a couple of years ago before I moved out but thought it would make a fun FML. The girlfriend and I are both female. I had unpacked the rest of my bag (including my toothbrush) when I got home but was waiting until everyone had cleared out of my room to put the vibrator away. :) I just did my best to avoid his questions until he forgot! I'm enjoying all the comments :D

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Say you accidentally took your girlfriends toothbrush :) Good luck!

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Tell him it's the ark of the covenent and if you show him spirits will melt his face off


Say you accidentally took your girlfriends toothbrush :) Good luck!

Say it's an electric toothbrush

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OP literally already did that...

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Read the FML next time, maybe?

Why are you so downvoted? I thought this was funny!

So what happened at your girlfriends place??

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This made me giggle. White boys texting, amiright?

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44 I'm not sure you understand how sexy time works between two females.

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Tell him it's the ark of the covenent and if you show him spirits will melt his face off

Why would you have a vibrator? Unless you're a girl

you can get vibrators for both sexes. Why wouldn't you have one ;)

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Because anyone can be into anything?

Vibrators are for everyone, hun. And even if OP is a girl, so what? Don't genderize things and definitely don't be homophobic. OP can use what (s)he wants for pleasure.

I haven't heard of the vibrator for men. And how exactly would such a device be used!

There are many fun ways to use a vibrator, also if you're a heterosexual couple. You might want to expand your sexual horizons a bit if you genuinely didn't know that!

Because they are awesome, also couples use them together. There are plenty of specificity male vibrators on the market.

Vibrators can definitely be used for men. They do have asses. Even some straight guys love it, it does not make them gay. Only being attracted to the same sex makes you gay.

Okay, I didn't mean to offend. Im far from homophobic. It was literally a question, not a rhetorical one. I don't know anything about sex toys so I didn't know.

Exactly #20 ! OP can deffinetly be a girl, it doesn't always have to be a guy as soon as "girlfriend" is mentioned.

Well you see #24. Male vibrators are just like female ones. They're phallic shaped and are inserted into the rectum.

They never said it was just for men. they were just confused. That's how the world is now. Jesus Christ, you got triggered.

Nobody said that it had to be a guy when there is girlfriend mentioned...

I think OP and her girlfriend are both girls. Tell him it was your cell phone?

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Why did you have to state their genders? even if it were male and female they could still use vibrators

If you read the follow up they are both girls

He stated the gender simple because it's not a norm for a male to use a vibrator, which is why some people are a bit confused. Frankly, I also thought it was weird that a guy had a vibrator, but seeing how they are both girls it's a bit clearer now

Am I the only one wondering about how he brushed his teeth if his toothbrush was at home??

*she, *her. OP says in her follow up comment that she'd already unpacked the toothbrush when her brother heard the vibrator

when I commented she didn't comment on it yet , hence why her comment is below mine

I know, just answering your question :)

Why did you spend the night somewhere and leave your toothbrush at home? gross.