By dannidoll93 - United Kingdom - Padiham
  Today, I came home from a stay at my girlfriend's place. My little brother stepped on my bag and accidentally switched my vibrator on. I told him the buzzing sound was my electric toothbrush. He went to the bathroom and came back with the toothbrush. He won't stop asking what's in my bag. FML
dannidoll93 tells us more :
OP here, clearing a few things up. This actually happened a couple of years ago before I moved out but thought it would make a fun FML. The girlfriend and I are both female. I had unpacked the rest of my bag (including my toothbrush) when I got home but was waiting until everyone had cleared out of my room to put the vibrator away. :) I just did my best to avoid his questions until he forgot! I'm enjoying all the comments :D
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By  jakers8424  |  18

Say it's an electric toothbrush

  dannidoll93  |  24

This made me giggle. White boys texting, amiright?

  kyiomi  |  18

Vibrators are for everyone, hun.
And even if OP is a girl, so what?
Don't genderize things and definitely don't be homophobic.
OP can use what (s)he wants for pleasure.

  doemetoch  |  28

There are many fun ways to use a vibrator, also if you're a heterosexual couple. You might want to expand your sexual horizons a bit if you genuinely didn't know that!

  gichikku  |  14

Vibrators can definitely be used for men. They do have asses. Even some straight guys love it, it does not make them gay. Only being attracted to the same sex makes you gay.

  ILikeKoalas  |  24

Okay, I didn't mean to offend. Im far from homophobic. It was literally a question, not a rhetorical one. I don't know anything about sex toys so I didn't know.


He stated the gender simple because it's not a norm for a male to use a vibrator, which is why some people are a bit confused. Frankly, I also thought it was weird that a guy had a vibrator, but seeing how they are both girls it's a bit clearer now