By iloveryanhiga - 05/08/2011 09:27 - United States

Today, my parents woke me up at 4 am and informed me of their impending divorce. They then woke me up again three hours later and told me "never mind". This same routine happens several times a month. FML
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No, because clearly the FML stated they were arguing at noon. Lol yes that late.


asoptavlo14 6

No, because clearly the FML stated they were arguing at noon. Lol yes that late.

Well then shouldn't op be waken up by their arguing? I mean, before my parents got divorced, they were arguing really loud.

iloveeyouuxD 9

Would you rather have them get divorced or wake you up early several times a month?

OceanBreathesSal 5

I don't see what is so surprising about parents arguing so late/early. My parents argue around that time almost every night. Once they were arguing at 6 in the morning.

ok the problem would be solved if OP just locked the door and put on some headphones for the night

lydia_is_gayyy 1

You shoulda locked your door and put a sign on it saying "MASTURBATING. do not disturb"

The morale in that house must be really low..

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At least they don't divorce. Sleep is a small matter compared to your parents splitting up.

If they are waking the OP up like this several times a month than they need counseling. If they are in counseling and this is still happening then they should probably just get the divorce. The constant fighting can not be healthy for anyone in that house. My parents are divorced and believe me, my sibling and I were relieved when they finally split because the constant tension was driving us bonkers.

LOL 50 that would totally work... Fap fap fap

On the bright side at least they're not getting divorced. . . Yet

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on the downside, OP still hasn't learned the importance of a lock..

Dispute 3

Atleast they care enough to tell you. :)

A good solution would be to ask your parents NOT to tell you about their decision to divorce as soon as they make it, i.e. at four in the morning. Instead, get them to wait, maybe sleep on it, and if they still feel the same way after a day or so, then you want to know. Or, since you've had plenty of warning by now, just ask them to tell you about it after the papers are filed.

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I feel you the same thing happens at my house.

Your parents wake you up at odd hours in the morning telling you they're getting a divorce?

kameryn25 3

Yea.... Is that not normal.

3 - I guess you mean "feel _for_ you..."! 27 - not even close. Hope it worked out.

3- Can you please clarify, does your comment mean A) I feel you, the same thing happens at my house. or B) I feel for you, the same thing happens at my house. There is a pretty big difference between the two statements. Please confirm your grammar in the future.

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idk maybe u should use the brain god gave you and your common sense to decipher the obviously very tricky comment I posted.

Sorry I lost all my brain cells when I read your comment. Idiots just depress the **** out of me

kameryn25 3

Believe it or not reading does not kill brain cells contrary to popular belief and I unlike yourself can read into a comment and understand it's meaning without every scrutinizing detail. Congratulations also on your ability to copy number 46's post. Where I come from that's called plagiarism and that annoys the **** out of me.

I annoy a lot of people, I don't really give a ****

I feel ur pain! it's so annoying, and I can hear them doing it afterwards too

Actually if you don't know what you're talking about, stfu please

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My girlfriends parents hate me because millions of babies die on her face every night.

wow... fyl. why would they even wake you you up and tell you if they really were going to get one. I wouldn't be able to get back to sleep if mine did that...

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that really stinks. sounds like you are the mature one and they need to grow up.

Parents can be as temper mental as little kids and not to mention most marriages are a little rocky.

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The point i was trying to make is that OP isn't lucky to have two parents there in the same house if no one is happy.

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well if he can last 3 hours during the break up sex I can understand her taking the divorce back

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Sounds like your parents have a little "Break-up / make-up" game going on. This probably turns them both on to fight - tell you they are getting divorced - go into their room and screw like a pair of rabbits - then tell you everything is okay. Sorry, did I just give you an unerasable mental image of your dad popping your mommy's va-jay-jay from behind like a rabbit does to it's mate?

TheRealHouse 7

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