Today, I was at the mall blasting music. I was wearing a nice shirt, and had my iPod in my breast pocket. I noticed a cute girl smiling at me, so I smiled back and as she started to walk over, I turned down my music while smiling. It looked like I was rubbing my nipple. FML
By zero_minded12 / Thursday 21 May 2009 03:08 / United States
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  sexymessy  |  0

Not saying this is fake or anything, BUT I've heard a comedian tell this joke before.Can't remember who but I think it was a comedian on Conan obrien when he did the late night with Conan Obrien show.

  momogal  |  22

197 and 201, men have breasts. They develop from the same tissues that female breasts do. They don't have the same function as the female versions, but they ARE referred to as breasts. They simply stop developing, whereas women's do not until the end of puberty.

By  dyld921  |  2

Are you a lesbian? If you were a guy it'd just looking like you were just rubbing you chest (unless you have manboobs)

Anyway, in other words, this is why you don't put your personal items near anything that can be considered sexual.