By MollyMo - United States
Today, my parents saw my report card. Now, they refuse to buy me my the new computer I've always wanted because my grades had 'slipped'. I made honor roll for three terms, and was kept off for the fourth for a single bad grade. I failed gym. FML
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  Boomi  |  38

Um, some people are either injured/unfit and cannot meet some forms of a gym teacher's expectancy. I have a rare muscle condition in my calves making it hard for me to run or walk for extended periods of time, and if I push too hard my calves feel like fire and I fall. One of my gym teachers didn't believe me, so I got a doctor's note, showed it to them...and they still failed me in their class.

  exil5  |  2

Hey man, my gym teacher's crazy. Last week of school, I thought it would be funny to skip while running a mile. He gave me detention and another mile to run.

  Sigilwen  |  21

If op had something that prevented them from participating then I'm sure they would be excused from gym. Being as they said they failed it seems they just didn't try and had no reason not to.