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By tryingtobepretty101 - 02/09/2011 16:58 - United States

Today, my report card finally came in. My mom took one look at it and told me that if I'm not going to take my grades seriously, I might as well start looking for a sugar daddy. But first, I apparently need to work on prettying myself up. FML
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What a bitch!

Sugar daddy's kick ass


First off hand her a mirror cause she had you. (unless ur adopted) you all should look alike so she called herself ugly

I see what you did there! Lol

Well prettying up is not a bad thing...

The OP could look more like her dad than her mom... Jus sayin'....

DNA can mutate into some weird things. Some attractive people end up having fugly kids.

you live in new jersey? how did you get your report card if most schools haven't even started yet here? i usually get my report card 2-3 months after the first day.

*sigh* some parents these days...

@hatesfate: but still, even if OP looks more like her dad, if her mom meant "pretty up" to insinuate that OP is unattractive then in that particular case she's implying that her husband is unattractive, so it still doesn't work out for her.

Hi my name is Dr. House and I make a sh*tload of money. I also enjoy long walks on the beach, riding my motercycle, young girls, vicodin and boobies.. call me ;)

Kiraleann not really. There are attractive men but dress them up as a woman and they are ugly as shit... Just because they're an ugly girl doesn't mean they can't be a handsome guy.

33 - +1 for supporting statement to previous argument.

she could have been implying that OP doesn't take care of her looks.

I don't see what you did there.. =/

fmls don't post instantly. this was probably written a few months ago

they pretty much do. 2 years ago in june i saw a million of "Today, Michael Jackson died. FML"

So number one, we shouldn't blame you for being stupid. It's your parents fault. I'd bitchslap them if I were you then...

@ hatesfate: I suppose that's true, although I really would hope that the OP would be born with the face/body traits of a woman rather than a man, but we never know.

It's about 98% your own damn fault if you don't get good grades (if you don't have any type of mental disability).

Screw it, get a sugar daddy. Then your mom will be jealous that everything you get is already paid for. Roll up in a Bentley and tell her that was the best advice she ever gave you.

Ask her if that would make her proud

#61,I have seen a lot of fmls posted same day. You can tell because they mention something that happened that same day.

What a bitch!

Your mom is pretty rude

Who tells there kids to be prostitutes?!

No one is telling anyone to be a prostitute..?

Sounds like good advice to me.

The things people do for money.

There is a large difference between having a sugar daddy and being a prostitute.

see!! you can learn things from moms!! I was starting they were just there to cook our dinner! :)

Sugar daddy's kick ass

That sucks. FYL

Feel bad for you. You're probably prettier than you think. Just look at yourself a different way!

Wow thats like two insults rolled into one neat package... Get your grades up and prove her wrong :)

Sugar Daddies and Sugar babies are awesome

Tell her that you'll take her advice because you've always wanted to be just like her. ;)

Better get to work then