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Today, my math teacher brought his laptop to tally up all our scores for our report card. He then displayed the results on a big screen in front of the whole class. The ones who failed were marked yellow. I was the only one marked yellow. FML
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Show him how wrong he is. Solve this problem 1 Fries + 1 Drink + Burger X Supersize =? Don't know the answer? Well, best start figuring it out... your new career will rest upon answering such questions day in, day out.


While your point is valid the teacher was still a dick. Even the most harsh teachers i know wouldn't do that. You have the right to keep your grades to yourself...

pffft no Stupidity should be outed and shamed.

23, how often do you be outed and shamed?! pretty often im thinking !

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Rights vary by school and country, which I think a lot of us take for granted. While the teacher was a douche, the OP still failed. The fact that every single other student in the class passed is probably an indication of lack of effort.

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When so-called stupidity is outed and shamed, people simply feel that... Ashamed, and like failures. If you feel like a failure, you're not going to try. Teachers outing students essentially makes them give up. How do I know? My biology mark dropped about 20% because of a teacher treating me like shit.

Study.. If were the only one that failed, the topic shouldnt have been hard

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isn't that illegal!?!? it is in NY anyways

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Well, when I was in high school they assigned us a number. Like mine was 565780. Now when they show us our grades on the projector. All you'd have to do was find your number and grade.

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It was illegal when I was in high school too. I graduated last year, so I'm sure this is still in effect.

i agree with 15 they assigned us a number and we just had to find it

We had a student ID number that we used from kindergarten to 12th grade.

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lol rnt filipenos good at math? like all the ones I know r smart and dude study more

Well OP I hope you'll like a career in waste disposal because that's where you're headed if you can't even pass math. It's your own damn fault.

#83: You refer to others as douches in an attempt to mask the fact that you yourself are a douche.

well maybe he finds math I have dyslexia. Math is hard for some so 4, you're a major douche

Show him how wrong he is. Solve this problem 1 Fries + 1 Drink + Burger X Supersize =? Don't know the answer? Well, best start figuring it out... your new career will rest upon answering such questions day in, day out.

it should be (1 fries + 1 drink + burger) X supersize = just sayin...

no it's you fail math+ a job = job at mcdonalds for minimum wage

#38 And you fail at English. It should be "No it's you. Fail mail + a job = Mcdonalds for minimum wage." Maths is useful, but improper grammar and lack of punctuation could lose you a job if put on a CV.

Just because he failed maths doesn't mean he'll have to work in a fast food restaurant all his life, ******' hell.. I failed maths at high school and still got my diploma, working to become a teaching assistant.

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you should study harder. there must be a reason why you are the only one who failed

That may not be why he is failing. I know someone who studies every night and has tutors for 3 classes and still fails. He tries his best but he just can't. So don't judge OP when you don't know him

Your math teacher is a dick. Your grades are supposed to be confidential between you and him. I had a teacher like that once who tried to embarrass kids who weren't doing well by making us go around the room and saying what our grades were. Such bullshit. FYL.

@ 4, 5 and 6 - Not everyone is good at math, and not every job requires math. All you need is your grade 11 (university or college level - doesn't matter which)* and you can choose to take a grade 12 math if you want to. Are you guys really giving OP shit for not understanding something? Really? How many classes have you guys had that you didn't understand so well? I bet there have been at least a few... *That's how it is here in Canada. Where you live may be slightly different.

Math is actually required for daily life. The specific skills OP is learning in that specific class may not be, but the logic skills math teaches are important as well.

I'm an accomplished banker and there's never been a class I hadn't understood. Math is required for professional careers, but if working oddjobs your whole life is your thing then that's when you can throw in the towel for math. Success only comes to those who give it their all. Keep your stupid comments in your pocket #8.

34 - I challenge you to research this. How many careers can you find that do not require fantastic skills in math? I bet you can find more than ten, and that's low-balling it. Boners - I know several. Shut the **** up. 19 - Yes, for sure. But it's usually simple math that's required, nothing complex like you're taught in grades 11, 12 and university/college. That's what I'm talking about. Not everything requires you to know and use grade 11 (and higher) math. Most of it is simply calculating, and many jobs even use calculators for that kind of crap.

Afterthought to 34's comment: You're a banker. You're good at math, obviously. Not everyone is good at math like yourself. Sorry, but banking isn't the only job in the world.

I struggled with math growing up. At best I averaged as a C student in math. I am, however, a highly successful and intelligent individual. Some people can grasp math easily, others cannot and potentially never will - and be careful with your pompous attitude when you post is riddled with errors.

I said PROFESSIONAL careers. Chemists, Physicists, Engineers, those are professionals (Doctors as well, however they don't require such a strong background of Math, but still do nonetheless). Anything where you don't incorporate a strong portion of Science or Mathematics is hardly a professional career.

#40: I suppose it's only right to call yourself a successful individual when you worked your way from fry cook to the assistant manager position at your local McDonald's. Without math you're nothing. NOTHING.

Anything you work at for the rest of your life (aside from McDonalds or Walmart, and similar jobs) ARE professional careers. Technically, even being a manager at McDonalds or Walmart can be considered professional. While some require dressier outfits (i.e. a suit or a skirt/blouse), not all of them do. Some managers even have uniforms to wear. Are you trying to say that waste management isn't professional? Being a lawyer isn't professional? I know someone personally who is a well known lawyer in my area. Does he use/need math? Nope. I agree with #19, who said that it's the logic you use, not necessarily the skills you learned (or didn't learn) in that class. Like I said, some people can't understand/grasp math, yet they still have decent/great jobs. "Success only comes to those who give it their all." --Who says those who struggle with math aren't giving their all, yet still can't grasp it? You seem quite stuck up, sir. Know your facts and then comment. I am honestly shocked to see what you just wrote in comment 42. That was incredibly rude... MonkeySpeaks isn't a stupid individual and isn't very good at math. You need to calm the **** down.

that isn't entirely true I'm on university studying forensic science which basically is analytical chemistry. you don't need a mass understanding with math when it gets to chemistry roles. apart from me as I used to study engineering all of my friends had difficulty with maths in their first year when we were being taught basic math in our first year...

I think you have to take a good look at yourself before you claim I don't know my facts. An example is your notion of the word professional. Anyone who works at something long enough can refer to themselves as a "professional", but that doesn't mean squat. Being a Professional is a distinction you must earn, for example engineers must take tests and work under senior engineers for the state to be certified professional engineers, as these are the only engineers that employers look for and it certifies their opinion on a legal level. You're much to young to think that you understand the world. Now go back outside to your non-math activities and stop making a fool out of yourself.

SF huh? That would explain why your a pompous ass, liberal progressive? As well? Or you know that government skools can't even teach the basics anymore, many of the instructors only push the agenda. Nevermind they themselves are adleminded

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ever heard of the chaos theory? think about it... without math, nothing would make sense.

You say math is so ultra important? I believe grammar and speaking is, too. "You're much to young"....I believe you meant **too. For someone so ultra smart as you, I would be sure that you would know that to be a professional does not mean to be in a career that heavily relies on math. That is like saying teachers are not professionals. A few definitions the dictionary gives of the term "professional": 1."following an occupation as a means of livelihood or for gain: a professional builder". 2. "engaged in one of the learned professions: A lawyer is a professional person". And how about #3. "done by a professional; expert: professional car repairs". NOWHERE did it say anything about mathematics. Now, go back to your uninformed activities before you continue to make a fool of yourself. :)

That may be the definition of professional, which is so loosely thrown around by peasants like you. When it comes to the God-tier jobs (involving Science and Math), Professional is a title worthy of those who apply their vast knowledge of the former to help you idiots live. Think, without math where would we be? We wouldn't have any telecommunications, we wouldn't have personal computers, hell we would still be making tools out of rocks. This discussion has drifted far from the main topic, which is the ability to actually understand math. The bottom line is this: If you don't understand math, chances are you are NOT going to be a valuable asset to the advancement of our society.

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Teachers and professors who specialize in areas other than math very rarely need a large math background. Nor do most of the administration positions in schools/colleges/universities. Translators (either type, really). Editors. Social workers. Are none of them professional? Cops, Chefs, pro-athletes? All more physically-active careers, and yet I'd consider them professional. Careers in certain art forms. What makes any of these non-professional by your definition? My definition of "professional" revolves more around a career that you plan on sticking with until retirement, that's full time, and that makes enough money to feed, house, and clothe you. All of these do that.

@ 47 most of the confusion came about because you're using the word professional in an opinionated sense... Also I believe someone mentioned a lawyer which is a field I believe you must take several test to enter into... was that not a requirement of a "professional field" that you labeled? the truth is not all top level careers require advanced math skills... examples: business, law, biologist, etc... So please stop unknowingly contradicting yourself because it's quite sad to be honest... and your original point was not that people without math would not be valuable to furthering society... so don't change it now to make it seem like you're the ultimate winner of this argument 

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You responded to someone while I was typing that first post. No one ever said math wasn't IMPORTANT to society as a whole. All of them, and myself, were pointing out that math is not the ONLY important thing. It's not the one thing that makes the world go round. Without math, I'm sure we'd still be able to fashion some basic shelter for ourselves, still be able to eat, still have a functioning society. Mathematical careers are not god-tier. If you consider it relevant, this is coming from someone who is, in fact, good at math. However, as someone else said (hell if I can remember who) I find language to be more real-world useful. Without a common language, there would be no society at all. Without math, there would be no internet, no sky-scrapers. We'd survive anyways.

Wait are you saying chefs don't need math or is this about the whole "being a professional thing"? Jus wondering cuz a chef who isn't at least decent at math won't get very far.

You're all fighting a losing battle. Type "God tier jobs" into google, click the second link and click the image in the left tophand corner. Then you'll see that your arguments are invalid.

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Chefs rarely need specific mathematical formulas. Math-wise, cooking is a lot more about proportions than anything you learn in college.

@ 61... commenter 47 is basically saying that all jobs that do not require high level mathematics (as in much higher than that of a chef) cannot be considered top level careers... which is bull

I searched and clicked the image. Now, tell me who made that rule? How was that all decided and put together on? Was there any science or mathematics behind that whole thing to decide what goes where? Besides that - check your resources. That is not an official site to be referencing if you REALLY wanted to back your argument up.

#67: You mad. #69: The internet as a collective whole made that. The internet doesn't lie.

"The internet doesn't lie". LMAO! Now I know you have been joking this entire time - okay, you got me!

53 - Well said. 57 - Really? Like I said there are many careers which don't require math. I may be younger than you are, but I certainly know what I'm talking about. Age is not a factor in this. Take a step back, take a deep breath and go **** yourself. Thanks.

There's a strong difference between "required" and "would be extremely valuable". Maths is not required for every job (though it is required for decent living), but somebody who *is* well-versed in maths (well, not all of it, but more than most people know) will have distinct advantages over those who aren't. Consider this: a person who can't read is considered to be dumb by most of society. A person who can't do maths often considers it something of which to be proud. Considering that knowledge of each is about equally important to success in life, why do we have this disconnect?

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#44: Forensic science is NOT NEARLY the same as analytical chemistry, nor anything other chemistry. However forensic chemistry is a subset of analytical chemistry, which requires extensive math skills, including engineer level physics. Don't ever try to compare yourself to a chemistry major again until you've taken real chemistry classes; not that non-major bullshit.

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what are you on about of course it is. in it I have studied physical chemistry. organic chemistry. analytical chemistry and spectrscopy. I'm learning all the analytical techniques used in labs within my degree. I'm doing all the chemistry required for analysis aswell as practicals with scenes and biology...

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Trust me, it's not the same. As a graduate student in forensic chemistry, I would know. Forensic science is not forensic chemistry. If you were "basically" analytical chemistry, you would know how important math and physics are for that field.

109 - Even still, it doesn't matter. The entire point of this thread is to prove that not every "professional" career out there requires advanced math. Some don't even require math at all. End of story. I'm sorry you disagree with the other guy about whether forensic chemistry is a "real chemistry course" or not, but with what he said he's learning, I have to say that it is real chemistry. Keep your opinions about that one to yourself. Courses with the same name vary quite a bit across provinces, countries or states.

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this post is full of shit and even though I hate to feed the trolls, I agree to with #8. I am a pre-med student and I can assure you that you only need basic algebra skills to succeed in college. Neither my mom or my dad (both of them, well educated doctors) can work complex algebra matrices or calculus problems at their age and they have never needed it in their careers. My point is that just because you are forced to learn it doesn't mean you will use it but failing maths is a slight indicator of your intelligence and competence as well.

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I can name thousand of people who make more money than any of you without ANYTHING they learned in school! NBA, MLB, NFL, and NHL players! Boom!

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No offense or anything #8, but I strongly disagree with you. As you said that you bet there are some of us that haven't understood certain subjects, I do agree with that part.. As you can see my grammar isn't the best. But just because you don't understand a subject, doesn't mean that you should give up and fail the class. OP probably just needed to come to the teacher to ask for some extra help or start doing their work if he/she hasn't been doing it already. I honestly believe that everybody has the ability to get an "A" ( unless you have a learning disability). You aren't just born smart, you become smart. I understand that some people have more trouble than others with school, but they have to put in the effort to learn. And math IS important - the world pretty much revolves around it. SOMEONE had to think about all of this - so be grateful that you have the opportunity to learn about this stuff. Not everyone in the world gets a good education, so I find it extremely ridiculous how people throw out careless words stating how they don't "need" to learn something. And maybe you don't need to - but just be grateful that you're in a situation where you can get educated.

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it's ok, I suck at math too. :( I can't believe he'd show everyone's grades in front of the class!

At my school in the UK, everyone's grades are always shown to the whole class, it's shit if you fail, but it's not a big deal really. I can't believe it's illegal O_o. Everyone lay off OP, I was in a class where I studied really hard, and just could never get it, and was the only fail in the class.