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Today, my parents are freaking at me because I just got my report and I failed my first year of college. They told me they have never been more disappointed in me. I have to tell them that I'm also pregnant. FML
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Ouchh, uhh, No offence, but perhaps you should have spent less time getting sex, and more time focusing on your failing education..

This is more "I ****** up" than "**** my life." You made bad decisions and you fully deserve the consequences.


Good luck.

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Just tell them it was part of the assignment to practice safe sex and you failed...kill two birds with one stone.

lol not only are you stupid, you're a stupid ****

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LOL 13. She could always abort. Kidding. On the bright side, her parents won't be NEAR as disappointed about her school.

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I feel like every other story on here ends with "and i'm also pregnant." It's like the the new version of "...and then I found $20"

Way to completely **** up and fail at life. Enjoy your shitty future. Get an abortion before it gets worse. The dad isn't going to stick around so enjoy being a young, uneducated, flabby-cootchy single mother with no real prospects.

Can I just say, kudos to comment #1 for keeping it short, sweet and neutral. Maybe it was to make the comment shorter to ensure getting the first comment, but as open-minded as I try to be, it was hard to read this FML without the words "COMPLETE FAILURE" ringing through head.

Thank you. That's the sad truth.

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wow dude weak

i'm with #49. i have little respect for people who fail their classes as it is, but unplanned pregnancy on top of that is a double whammy of failure. OP, do the right thing and get an abortion. seriously. if you have that kid you're not only ******* up your own life, but his as well.

agree 168

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why is getting an abortion the right thing? oh your stupid so you might as well be a murderer on top of it.

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YDI for having sex instead of focusing on your college there has to be a balance in life you could've had both and not get pregnant YDI

#49 How do you know the Dad won't stick around? Is he your friend? Idiot... Not everyone whos 19-22 leaves their baby momma with all the responsabilities, frigg I was 19 when I married and were still happy and going strong! And no he wasnt 45, he was 20. So don't assume everyones like your daddy. OP Sucks to be you man, but college aint for everyone, I flunked my first year, but then I studied a trade, now I love what I do and have a great life. As for the kid... Think about it, if you're really ready, you're in canada the A word is freee! Accidents happen and that's what that's there for.

that's uncalled for, you bloody wanker.

@253: the fact that you say "frigg" makes me think you're not that much older than 19, so saying that you're "still happy and going strong" isn't that valid of a point... as for the OP... I kind of just shook my head when I read this. YDI. more than I can put into words.

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I concur. Boo-ha-ha-ha!

Age matters now? If you were a 50 year old man and think the way you do, number 303, you would still be immature. Frigg is better than FUCK and a little less offensive. We have been married 2 years, we were dating for 3 before that, we do NOT have children, but he wants them BAD. So please tell me how you think that automatically a man empregnates a woman and runs? Not every man is like your father.

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hahhaha that sucks but hey look at the bright side my life is amazing I got an iPhone and a new puppy and I have a snuggie so suck it

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true dat nigga

nice *****.

mean while, in a town named SPOONS

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stop having sex and ****** study.

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YDI for having premarital sex and not focusing on your grades.

228 ftw

fetuses are not independent life-forms. ergo, killing one is impossible.

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Your a ******* loser im 14 with a 3 year old son and my lifes not ****** up ive never been happier but i have a son and i was raped so get a life

Ouchh, uhh, No offence, but perhaps you should have spent less time getting sex, and more time focusing on your failing education..

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you should spend more time learning how to spell or possibly even reading a book. GASP! A BOOK!

ya he spelled "offense" wrong ( he put a c instead of s)

It is spelled either way, actually.

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god i ******* hate when people make fun of other people for their grammar or spelling as a smart ass remark to something they say..... its a ******* website... and its at that. who really wants to add the effort of perfecting their comments through grammar on a **** my life blog? shut up

I agree, too much sex and not enough studying. There is a way to make it virtually impossible to get pregnant now, it is easy, just have sex standing up...

templemind is going to get pregnant within a week if she honestly thinks you cant get pregnant standing up.

You don't have to be having "too much" sex to get pregnant, FYI.

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Or learn to focus that sex drive on getting good grades...if you catch my drift.

217 is male not female. He will get lots of girls pregnant

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Different countries, different spelling

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Me either. College gets easier after the first year. Just stick with it and don't drop out.

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It's not gonna get too much easier with a baby around...

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Oh, woe is me. I shunned responsibility and slept around and now I want everyone to feel sorry for brought this on yourself, now quit crying, grow up, and deal with it.

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ok yes she ****** up. the first year of college is known to be difficult. yes she prolly should have studied harder. hindsight is 20/20. but why does everyone assume shes a **** and slept around? maybe its her boyfriend of 5 years who got her pregnant and hes the only one she slept with. maybe she waited til college to have sex instead of losing it at 14 and the first time ever got pregnant. all so quick to jump the gun and think uh oh youre pregnant you MUST be a *****!! grow up

Or maybe she's just a *****. This is college afterall. Bet she was sloshed at a party and ****** a frat-boy. I doubt it was her SRS boyfriend. She was being a floozy, drunk on freedom and ready to blow anyone in sight.

5 is right, 22 you're an idiot.

Am I the only person here who thinks waiting until marriage is a good idea?

53, grow up.

That's what happens no matter what. An unplanned pregnancy always makes people call you a ****/*****, no matter what the circumstances. I mean even if you use condoms, they are only 97% effective, and that although it hugely cuts down the chance of conception, that does mean that 3 times out of 100, the condom does not work.

Uhm, I'm going into my second year of college and I haven't had sex yet. Does that mean that once I /do/ have sex, that I'm immediately going to be a *****? And what if I do have sex, and the condom breaks? Does that make me a ***** also? Not everyone who has sex is a *****, and not everyone who has sex at college is a *****. God, do you people think before you type? Bastards.

to # 54 NOPE :D

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I agree with you =)

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54, uh i think so. maybe because that could be the worst idea ive ever heard. 'waiting til your married' is the same is 'no one wants to bang me now'

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67, going into your second year of college without having sex is not an accomplishment. you honestly have to be one of the uglier people wherever you are. ur probably one of those girls who is friends with the hot girl only because the hot girl knows you make her look hotter.

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The only reason male-dominated religions want you to wait for marriage is so men don't have to be good or even considerate in bed. As long as they can knock you up they've gotten what they, ah, came for. I thought Canadian sex ed was better than that?

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Sorry 67 but it is YDI, there are other forms of contraception than just a condom. So yes, if you have sex once and the condom breaks and you get pregnant expect to be called a *****, or an idiot. The pill is readily available and easy to get your hands on, there are also other less reliable methods. At least she can abort, but it isn't going to help the failing grades. @ everyone, FYI general consenus from most unis say second year of college/university is hardest, not the first.

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Alright, listen up, mate. I'm 25 years old, I'm engaged and I'm a virgin. It's not that I couldn't get laid. Gods know, I've had several women offer themselves to me, but I've turned them down, because I'm choosing to wait until after marriage. And don't try the outdated religious brainwashing line with me, either, because I'm not Christian, I'm Norse pagan. Frankly, I don't think the gods care what I do sexually. Secondly, it doesn't imply that I'm ugly or that I have a face like a bag of as*holes. In fact, I dated the homecoming queen back in high school. The reason some of us wait until after marriage is because we love our significant others, and wouldn't dream of disappointing them by throwing away the gift of experiencing that moment together and some of us may actually have a functioning set of morals, here. I realize that may put me in the minority in this place, but Hel, as an intelligent person and a pagan living in the Bible Belt, I'm somewhat used to that, lol.

my first year of college was a piece of cake, it was all "intro to being in college" and "these are what nouns and verbs are" and crap. my 3rd year was probably my hardest, because i had a lot of requisites to take (including neuropsych D:) but my senior year was all electives. i do think waiting until marriage is bollocks, though. what if the "love of your life" had already had sex with someone else? would you not marry her because it wouldn't be HER first time on the wedding night? how will you know you're even sexually compatible? (and i know sex isn't the ONLY component in a relationship but it is an important one. if you get along but you don't have sex, that's not a relationship, that's a friendship.) i can tell you this much, my first time was nothing special but it was still a great feeling. i think a lot of the people waiting for marriage have unrealistic expectations and are just setting themselves up for disappointment.

Um, no. And you'd have to be completely and utterly ignorant to even suggest that. Ever think that maybe some people choose to wait because they don't want to get into conundrums like the OP's (among several other valid reasons)? The fact that people come up with bullshit like this baffles me.

^^ Sorry, that was in response to #128, not #5.

# 54, I'm with you too... and trust me, it's not because I can't get it. I am in a serious relationship right now.

Yeah, #128 and #135, the reason you wait until marriage is to avoid THIS EXACT SITUATION! Unless you are sterilized, if you sleep around you will eventually get pregnant or an STD, no matter how many condoms you stack on top of each other.

That pretty much sums it up. Face it, you F-ed your own life on this one, and I really have no sympathy if you didn't see this coming (particularly failing school). And if you DID see it coming and apparently didn't do anything about it... BTW, I don't see how an unplanned pregnancy is EVER a FYL as opposed to a YDI. It doesn't mean you were sleeping around (I hate people who say that having sex means sleeping around), but honestly, protection is easy. Buy a condom, and if it breaks, guess what? There are pills for that. Morning after pills. OR you can just go on the pill in the first place. I'm going to say that it's virtually impossible to become pregnant if you take all the measures against it, and it IS impossible if you're also judicious about when you have sex. BUT, your life is not over. If you're going to keep the baby, most likely you should either get your boyfriend to help you out if he's the responsible type, or move in with your parents (*gasp*) if he's not. Take a year off school and STUDY in your free time (not that you'll have much). If you're not keeping the baby, it's not a huge problem, so you just have to worry about your grades. Lay off the parties and fool around the bedroom with your boyfriend less (or hook up at parties less).

Hahahahaha @ 128. Believe it or not, there are actually people out there with respect for themselves and who /choose/ not to have sex. There are people who feel as though they are not emotionally ready to lose their virginity and are waiting for someone special, and it has absolutely nothing to do with how they look. Not everyone thinks their virginity is unimportant and try to lose it within the first week of entering college. Just in case you didn't know. @ 155 - Oh, trust me, I understand that there are several types of contraception, and I was certainly not trying to say that the OP didn't deserve this. I'm just saying that there are plenty of girls who may not have money for the pill or access in general and who try their best to stay safe via condom, and should not be condemned if it breaks. Oh, and I wasn't trying to get advice for myself, I was just using myself as an example.

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nope. i'm definitely with ya in the waiting department

First off, those of us who have sex before marriage aren't necessarily without morals anymore than you're without morals for being a Pagan. Secondly, a warning: One gripe I have with the "no sex before marriage" crowd is it makes sex seem like some magical, mystical thing. It's not, and your first time will not seem like a "gift." Sex only gets good with experience and a high comfort level with your partner, and your first time will not be that great. Since you're the guy, you'll probably ****** at least but you will also probably last 30 seconds, tops. Your girl? She's probably going to be in some degree of pain, because a girl's first time is usually uncomfortable, if not painful. I'm not saying you can't wait until marriage, but don't expect some deep, spiritual experience the first time.

It really bothers me that everyone is calling her a *****/**** because she is pregnant. Last time I checked, women don't just get themselves pregnant- it takes two to tango. So somewhere out there, there is a guy who fathered her baby, but no one really has anything bad to say about him because girls who have unplanned pregnancies are ALWAYS *****. All of you who think that need to stop being so simple-minded and have some compassion. And to those who are blasting her for her choice of birth control, you are jumping to a lot of conclusions. Nowhere in this post does she mention what form or birth control she used (or didn't use). Some of you are acting like if every woman in the world took the Pill, that would be the end of unplanned pregnancies. No method of birth control (besides abstinence) is 100% effective, including the Pill. Yes, the pill is 99.9% effective with PERFECT USE (meaning not skipping pills or taking them late) and around 96% effective with typical use (meaning the way most people use it). Even if you use it perfectly, there is a chance you could become pregnant. I wish everyone on here would stop acting like they are so perfect and have never made a mistake before. All that being said, OP I think you recognize you made some choices and now you have to face the unpleasant consequences that follow them. I wish you the best of luck.

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No, you're not. I waited.

I totally agree with EVERYTHING you just said !!

This is more "I ****** up" than "**** my life." You made bad decisions and you fully deserve the consequences.

which is why this is a big fat YDI

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go die kthxbye.

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^ gross

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And you wonder why you failed. Good luck with that, lazy bum. Oh, and you totally deserved this one. Just wish I could be there for when you break them the good news!

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wow, ok. so u thought u would get sympathy. NO U F-ed UR LIFE YOURSELF. congrats for failing at life.

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I'm not sure what op was expecting from us, why would we have any sympathy for her? And that's bullshit about how everyone is saying the first year is hard. So? I survived without failing and without a kid, as well as MANY other people. OP-YDI

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Well said.

So much YDI. Maybe if you'd spent more time on school you wouldn't have to deal with the second problem.

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Tell them you changed your major to Anatomy and you got an A in *******. Then show them the ultrasound.

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hahaha! #12 FTW