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  doemetoch  |  28

I'm not saying I WANT to see my grandma naked, but if it accidentally happens I just don't see why it'd be such a big deal. Ok, you've seen granny's tits, life goes on right. I'd guess most people have already seen elderly people topless at some point (sauna, beach etcetera), the fact that they're family doesn't need to make it super awkward unless you decide to be weird about it.

  fishinpink  |  20

if only I could give you more like #18. when I was 13 I walked in one my grandma and her boyfriend getting jiggy with it in MY bed on CHRISTMAS EVE! I never told my parents until right before dad died when I was took me 12 years to tell them and that was only bc I wanted to see daddy laugh one more time before he was gone. avoiding my parents mocking suggestions, to this day, 3 more years later (age 28) I still have not uttered a word to her. but I'm thinking about letting the cat out the bag when I visit her next time just for a good laugh. it was awkward briefly but I got over it. now it's just a running joke for me.

By  dontknow1  |  19

I know that is inappropriate and weird to see a family member naked but don't make such a big deal about it, after all it was just a mistake she made. Leaving all the awkwardness behind...... good for your grandma for being still spicy.