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  lantz4levi  |  19

Agreed. I have a bunch of girls in my grade who always complain about how the teachers are sexist or they teach their class wrong because of what their teacher "gave" them. No, you earned the damn grade suck it up like everybody else or do better. Don't make excuses


Or the ones who have a grade 2 points below the next letter, and they think their teacher should bump the grade for them. Like if you have a 68-69 and you did nothing before to fix it.. Why ask them to bump your grade at the end? Nah fam, it's too late

By  Tripartita  |  44

Then you realized she gave you a C for participation, a K for 'kind to others', an M for 'missed many classes', and an E for homework. Plus, there are seven random digits at the bottom. It's all rather confusing.

  Miss_Whipped  |  43

Calm down #14. So #10 missed the joke. I missed it too until I read it again. That was just fucking rude.

#10 - Homeless people will sometimes write things on pieces of cardboard to bring attention to the fact that they are in need of help or food. The joke is that OP is failing his (inb4 gender-specific rage) class and that it could land him with no degree, no job, and no home. Therefore, he'd need to stock up on sharpies and cardboard to prepare to be begging for food on a street corner.

By  Brightwaters  |  2

Your grade reflects your performance, the comment reflects the effort and attitude she sees from you in class. As cliche as this is, she did not 'give' you an F, you earned it. And deserve it.