By jilted - 21/03/2009 07:15 - United States

Today, my husband of 9 years announced he was gay. He insinuated that he was only able to achieve erections because I looked like a man. FML
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damn, that's a real FML

i'm sorry.. that is just mean. why not divorce him. save yourself from a crappy relationship.


damn, that's a real FML

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haha, hardout

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lol @ the comic =P

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hard off

i'm sorry op grow your hair long shave ur mustache and get over it there's nothing u can do he's already gay

you jerk! how dare you speak to a woman that way!?

happily divorced

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It is and i can't believe he wasted 9 years of your life on him. He coulda told you right away and saved you the despair. What an ass. Smh

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Ydi for looking like a guy ~,~

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Damn bitch just got served

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Damn, insult to injury.

And he married you, and not another man...why exactly? I'm so sorry OP.

OP Got owned

i'm sorry.. that is just mean. why not divorce him. save yourself from a crappy relationship.

I think the divorce is implied.

Implied, Lisa? Or implode...?

damn that sucks

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Um, I'm sure she's planning on getting a divorce. Duh.

No thats funny AF!!!!

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ahaha old greg :)

shut up faggit

That's very mean, you don't deserve that.

its a total fml but giw is it mean. its not his fault she looks like a man

THAT is why your afraid to get married #4? I think you've got almost as big a problem as OP.

@#6 She means the whole being divorced thing, dickweed.

no she means the husband being gay thing and herself looking like a man

Or maybe all three?

what if there were weeds made of dicks...?

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273, WTF?

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Sorry, I meant 283 not 273. Stupid anti- flood is so annoying.

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Stfu .

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That sucks.

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Oh. That's terrible. I seriously feel really bad for you.

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Goddamn text talk.

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Omg...that is truly a FML...sad but still really funny.

Dude wtf how is that funny?