By Roommate - 28/09/2016 16:03 - United States - Olympia

Today, my new roommate sent me a picture of our toothbrushes bristles touching with the caption "Look! I made them kiss!" FML
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Is your roommate male or lesbian? He/she might be trying to drop a hint.


Soak your toothbrush in boiling water. That should kill anything.

Is your roommate male or lesbian? He/she might be trying to drop a hint.

ChiefKoala 30

That's a might weird way of dropping a hint. When I'm ready for kids, I'm gonna tell my girlfriend by throwing baby dolls at the window. you have inspired me, thank you.

So long as it's AT the window and not OUT the window. That may send the wrong message.

the thoughts that come to my mind after reading that has made my night

?. Burn it. Then find a new house or house mate ASAP ????

Your roommate needs to learn about manners. You should never touch your roommate's personal stuff unless you know for a fact that they are ok with it. Assuming you have mouthwash handy, give your toothbrush a nice wash in that. It'll clean it right up.

There's been worse...wait...OP get a restraining order!

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Go to Walmart, buy a new toothbrush because that's disgusting. Send them a picture with the text, "I want a divorce."

Tell her, "Oh, that's not my toothbrush. It's the tool I use to get rid of stubborn dingleberries and dried-up semen. Kisses!"