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I thought you were gonna say they used the curling iron for more internal reasons of, ahem, pleasure...

This is where you remember always reading those warning labels of 'not meant for internal use' & now you know why.

  random_ribbons  |  15

My grandma had one that that we got from a carnival that lived for just over five years. It used to move the rocks and decorations around in it's fish-tank too, so she named him Mighty-Joe. When he died, I cried and we had a funeral and buried him, putting bricks on top and laying freshly picked dandelions on that. I have no clue how he lived that long, I think he was a super-fish or something.

  FMLshark  |  12

I have a goldfish I got in my biology class freshman year of high school.
Senior year, it's still alive and well.
If they don't live over a're doing something wrong.

  MDTeddy  |  13

1 week? Are you making that up? it isn't hard to take care of a fish. just feed it once or twice every day and clean the bowl once in a while.

  xxdark  |  3

Goldfish are pretty hardy.. One of mine - a white one - lived for around four years, maybe five!

If you're really dedicated, they can live longer. You just have to be responsible.

That fish that lived for 12 years.. THAT'S AMAZING!!

  girl112891  |  7

Feeding helps.
I've had two fishes in the past that died within the first week. I had one given to be about 6 months ago that's still alive now. Learned what I did wrong. Though mine were never gold fish. It's smaller and has pretty fins.

17, your grandmas fish sounds cool! A fish that decorates his bowl? I love it!

  xxdark  |  3

It would have been scrubbing the algae from the sides and bottom of the bowl.. I suppose she should have tasted something odd or felt the sliminess?