By germophobe - 02/09/2014 01:53 - Canada - Calgary

Today, my roommate came back from camping. My toothbrush magically reappeared as well. FML
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Ah, but the real concern here is this: if the roommate took the toothbrush camping, then maybe he was under the impression it was actually his own. In which case, the roommate could have been using OP's toothbrush for a long time...

That's one of my fears, people using my toothbrush, I just can't stand that thought. Get a new one and no harm done.


Ask him/her or buy a new one

it was an electric toothbrush I hope it wasn't a he...

What the fuck, 45.

schhichick 14

Chandler? Joey?

BlueFlatts 20

Buy one for OP right? I wouldn't want a used one back. I tie a small rubber band to the handle so nobody gets confused.

That's one of my fears, people using my toothbrush, I just can't stand that thought. Get a new one and no harm done.

He should stop complaining and just buy a new one!

it's she...

their is always that suspision that "someone" just might be using it. always

Get a new toothbrush.. and maybe even a new roommate. That's pretty nasty.

New roomate? Anyone could mix up a toothbrush...

its really disgusting your making it seem lile its common, i understand though there are those people who wake up and use anything in front of them

iipinkette 16

Well, time to get a new toothbrush...and while you're at it talk with your roommate about taking/using your things

Take his pillow and fill it with a water balloon

That is a fucking genius plan. Bravo good sir/ma'am. I never would have thought of something that amazing =D.

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Not all things can be shared and certainly not a toothbrush

I hope you don't take that attitude with STDs!!!!

The fancy vibrating kind? ?

we are still talking about a toothbrush here right???

Your toothbrush is probably the dirtiest thing you own..

Have you heard how dirty television remotes are?...

How long was your roommate gone? I would think you'd have purchased a new one once you noticed the old one gone. Either way, that's horribly gross.

There's still the chance that perhaps OP's roommate had been using her toothbrush all along.

I guess we can assume that OP bought a new one but obviously they would recognise the missing (old) one when it reappered ;)