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  GoW_Chick  |  14

When you said yup yup it for some reason reminded me of that old kids movie with the little dinosaurs trying to get to the great valley, I think the one who says yup yup name was duckie, can't remember the damn name of the movie though or figure out why it matters or why I brought it up... Heh.

  Havin  |  19

Yeah The Land Before Time was, is the best! 'Oh no no no no! Spike cannot swim!' I remember a line like that I think from Duckie? So cute! Now I want to watch it hehe.


now y would he do that, I hear cat poop tastes great, especially when it just been in a dogs mouth! (p.s.anyone else find it kinda ironic how a dog would eat a cats shit?)

  jomo111  |  5

Dogs have the cleanest mouths because their Siliva is "special" and desinegrates and destroys bacteria and food residue so your good;)