By Anonymous - 28/02/2012 18:20 - United States

Today, I found out my roommate had mistaken my toothbrush for his dog's. So for the last month he's been using my toothbrush on his dog. The dog's favorite meal? Fresh cat poop. FML
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bettyc4 26

Dirty mouth? Clean it up with Orbit!

K_kanaka 26

Dirty mouth? Clean it with, Orbit.


HolyPotato 9

I bet your breath smells awesome. Yup yup.

juicystar777 4

why would you think his breath smells awesome? didn't you read the FML, silly? the dog ate fresh cat poop. i don't think cat poop tastes very nice :3

blackbelt25 12


Dirty mouth? Clean it up!

juicystar777 4

dirty mouth? clean it up with orbit! in styling new packs!! :DD

Blonde, blonde, blonde! I JUST made that joke..

bubbly31 0

Ya wouldnt you realize the smell or taste of The toothbrush fyl anyway though that's gross

Damn_Hippster 11

Ruh-roh! (scooby voice) Use a lot of mouthwash OP

#26, give the poor girl a chance.

GoW_Chick 14

When you said yup yup it for some reason reminded me of that old kids movie with the little dinosaurs trying to get to the great valley, I think the one who says yup yup name was duckie, can't remember the damn name of the movie though or figure out why it matters or why I brought it up... Heh.

The name of the movie was The Land Before Time GoW Chick... Glad I could help! ;)


I see no mistake the dog owner made.

Yeah The Land Before Time was, is the best! 'Oh no no no no! Spike cannot swim!' I remember a line like that I think from Duckie? So cute! Now I want to watch it hehe.

21 I believe 6 made the joke first, and here you are telling someone else you made it first.

^Dont be too observant.

X_Codes 11

@85: 21 used a Tardis to make the joke first.

Sure...your roommate "mistakenly" used your toothbrush for his dog...

Well that's a shitty situation.

Sooo i take it your breath stinks?

You'd expect so, but it actually smells of daisies and sunshine!

Dogs mouths are cleaner then humans so ya

Start using cat shit as toothpaste, you'll find out.

Start using cat shit as toothpaste, you'll find out.

Thumbs down ALL the reposts

No SHIT :D haha

GovernorGeneral 8

A new age has arrived: the 9gag age. Or reddit. I prefer reddit...

Gross you should deffintly get a new toothbrush

Holy shit! Your ideas put Einstein to shame!

breeY0 7

first of all op, why is the dogs tooth brush where youu would keeo your own ?

You dont say?


now y would he do that, I hear cat poop tastes great, especially when it just been in a dogs mouth! (p.s.anyone else find it kinda ironic how a dog would eat a cats shit?)

Keep digging Watson.

3- You should 'deffintly' learn how to spell.

Maxcold 2

You don't say?!

Builds your immune system.

And the dog's.

well that makes a shitty day...

The word 'shitty' in a pun... Never heard that one

At least it is slightly better than the more typical "shitty situation".

Jakesterk96 8

Hey, shit happens.

you're new to FML aren't you

Dogs have the cleanest mouths because their Siliva is "special" and desinegrates and destroys bacteria and food residue so your good;)

bettyc4 26

Dirty mouth? Clean it up with Orbit!

K_kanaka 26

I like how we wrote the same comment at almost the same exact time. The only difference is that I'm gonna get thumbed down.

MamieJoy98 7

25- now ya'll have the same thumbs! :D

tdawg4200 0

That's hilarious. I like you.

K_kanaka 26

Dirty mouth? Clean it with, Orbit.

bettyc4 26

LMFAO beat cha to it!

K_kanaka 26

Lol. U win this one bethcy4.

K_kanaka 26


K_Kanaka, I thumbed up your comment just because I felt bad since you two posted at the same time. haha

K_kanaka 26

Thank you EmmyBabe you have made my day. ;)

Wicked361 8

;) winky face makes everything sexual

Wat the french toast u son of a biscut eating bulldog

bettyc4 26

I gave you thumbs up cuz i like people who think like me ^.^ and you're just cool

K_kanaka 26

Mahalo for the thumbs up. And you're cool to bethyc4

Cat_Daniels 6


Hah there I thumbed you:)

Solution: Buy a new toothbrush. Oh, but before you do, make sure you kick out your roommate. He sounds like a douche.

Why would they kick him out if it was an honest mistake? It doesn't say that he intentionally used OPs toothbrush.

Its not his fault... Read the fml.

OP's roommate totally did that on purpose.

Fresh cat poop yumm!!!

Tell your roommate you thought his toothbrush was the scrub brush for the toilet.

thepatty8474 10

Win ^.^

Haha thanks! :]