By Anonymous - 21/11/2013 22:30 - United States - Auburn

Today, my neighbor finally password-protected his wifi. Right in the middle of my timed, online exam. FML
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Thats what you get when you freeload. Get your own wifi dude!

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I don't whether you deserved this or if your life sucks lol. Maybe a little of both.


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I don't whether you deserved this or if your life sucks lol. Maybe a little of both.

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#15: What teammates? He was in the midst of an exam, not a video game.

at least you werent in the middle of masturbating to some awesome ****

i wanna go on record to see that's actually illegal... hard to catch, and rarely enforced, but illegal. thus ydi

HeyHeyFishFillet 34

You may take my job, my car, my house, BUT YOU SHALL NOT TAKE MY WIFI!!!

It's hard because I kinda feel like the neighbour deserved having someone steal wifi if he just left it unprotected. Realistically though this guy could easily have just hot spotted his phone and finished the exam, then gotten his own wifi at a later date.

I clicked on both FML and YDI. I feel bad because that was a test you were taking, and it was most likely important, but you really shouldn't be stealing from your neighbors. They had the right to put a password up.

Omfgitsmia 15

78 usually you aren't allowed to restart an online exam because then you've seen the questions and can easily go find the answers. Everyone gets an A then.

HowAreYouToday 34

I realise now that I read the fml wrong. I thought he said game, not exam. I'm sorry. I'll excuse myself now.

@78: If his exams are anything like mine, the minute you lose connection or close the browser it automatically submits for grading.

You can't just hot spot your phone. Usually you have to subscribe to a hot spotting service through your mobile provider and that costs more money. And I'm willing to bet time for setup. And as everyone else has said, you can't restart those exams

Depends on the phone. With my old motorolla i776 it was very slow but i was able to get online at work. With my newer samsung android phones i would install foxfi and be able to get online just fine. I am online using foxfi right now

knoxxx 22

170, I beg to differ, I can hot spot just about anywhere around where I live and it's free.

Thats what you get when you freeload. Get your own wifi dude!

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karma may seem like a bitch but on the inside you know you deserved it.

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RedPillSucks 31

What? If I've ever done anything wrong I can't judge someone? I'm pretty sure that would put all judges out of business.

How does anyone's actions negate OP from deserving it? There no logic to your comment. If anyone you refer to had something happen to them because of the alleged activities, they would deserve it too. In your world if other do said activity then anyone caught for said activity should be consequence free? The world doesn't work like that.

#39- I completely agree with you. I would like to know if people who pressed YDI bought every song on their iPod/ iPhone or "illegally" downloadedit

39 and 58, I'd like to know how you can possibly compare illegally downloading a song/album/game to connecting to unprotected wifi. I personally am glad the neighbor did it, an unprotected wifi can give out way more info than a ******* song or whatever, people steal others identities by hacking into computers over a wifi server. Your comparisons make absolutely no sense to what's gone on, the OP does deserve it regardless if what other people have done in the pirating industry.

Legally here 58. I've had intellectual property stolen from me. I know how damaging it can be. Fortunately the company backed down when they were sent a letter from my lawyer. Turned out the crazy client lied to them and wanted them to use what we created and she never paid for. Just because it's common doesn't mean everyone does it. And some of the people who do even admit its wrong and they get what they deserve if they get caught. Life I'd about making choices. We all make bad choices from time to time. It's about owning up to them and accepting responsibility.

So illegal music is ok but wi-Fi is not? IT'S THE SAME THING! When you download music illegally you are stealing from the artist! Same as you steal wi-Fi! Seriously... THE SAME THING! Wi-Fi or music or watching movies online! Seriously...

At my old school, one of the wifi choices was "N*gga get your own wifi"

#39- you're not Jesus and we're not throwing stones. I don't care what I have ever done, I can and will judge you. If you use wifi without permission, you deserve everything you get.

The thing about downloading music is it's no different then taping the radio except the quality is a bit better

Hey. If I ever got busted downloading illegal things, I WOULD OF DESERVED IT! It would suck for me, but I'd still deserve it. Something tells me you download stuff illegally all the time. Which, I'll admit, I did used to do. I've since stopped, because jail doesn't sound good.

I download music and movies illegally. I don't think that keeps me from judging OP. I'd expect to be judged if I got caught doing it. As to whether or not OP is a criminal, OP certainly is. I am too but that's beside the point. If I get caught stealing movies or music I won't expect sympathy either. To make a long story short, YDI OP. No ifs ands or buts.

I haven't stolen wifi, watched movies illegally, or stolen music. And even those that do even will admit it's wrong. The guy knew he was wrong and he deserved it.

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Using someone else's wifi and downloading music from a torrent is Not actually the same thing at all. People pay a monthly bill from their Internet company to have their services and not everyone is on an unlimited data plan. Maybe with an extra unauthorized person using their Internet services were making them reach their cap and therefore costing the neighbour paying his/her bill extra money when it was going over. Data usage happens when people stream, download, and play games. Yes it sucks that Op was taking a test but they deserved it for stealing the neighbours wifi. Free ride is over.

Goblin182 26

#39 &#58 I didn't YDI him becasue he was doing something illegal. I YDIed him becasue he was being a freeloader and it cost him.

Actually your point is predicated on a misconception. You are assuming that every person that has done something illegal which btw includes jay walking or opening a letter addressed to someone else in your family think we never did anything wrong. On the contrary I would say that people whom have carefully meticulously never violated any laws nor done anything wrong are the worst judges as they have not endured the same consequences as anyone else in the world. Many people pirate movies, music, and such not because they are dicks who don't like paying for things but because entertaining their mind or eating a meal for their body is a very real choice. Many people make so little money that the bills get paid and then they go home watch paint dry, eat, sleep, go to work, repeat. Nothing is free. Very few if any forms of entertainment are free. Even TV requires a large amount of money spent and if your tv breaks and you haven't the savings to buy a new one then you are SOL. Pirating is sometimes the only way people can afford new entertainment but these people are aware that it's wrong and if they could afford to would pay for everything they take but like the thief stealing a loaf of bread to feed starving children or self there are few options. These are the people that should be judging because they can look at a situation and not jump to "you shouldn't have done that" out of some cold callous unfeeling place. These people are clearly in most parts understanding his using of his neighbor's wifi but judging it to be YDI because there are inexpensive or free, ie library, wifi options that would have been smarter to utilize when taking a timed test. Like jaywalking if you look both ways and get a ticket YLS but if you just run across and get hit by a car then YDI. Simply put it's about 1) Accepting there are consequences to your actions 2) Utilizing the most intelligent method necessary to acheive your goal and always using the legal way first until it's not an option.

@#38 All my media is bought and paid for, every song, movie, piece of software, etc. I pay for wifi. I hit YDI. That doesn't mean I feel a need to tell everyone else they have no right to do so themselves. It's a personal choice. People know the risks of getting caught when they do these things and they won't change if a person on a website tells them to. Otherwise it's a "holier than thou" thing.

Maybe the OP is a college student who can't afford Internet... still should've gone to a café for something that big...

Uh...a longer reply comment never happened

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he may have been at his friends house at the time :/ But still, who doesn't have there own Internet this day and and age!!

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Poor people? Jeez, way to be insensitive. Some people can barely afford to have dinner on the table. The last thing they're concerned about is luxuries such as internet , TV, etc.

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#37- I don't have internet at my house. My phone has 3G which sucks where I live, and my grandparents have wifi so I use theirs. I don't have wifi (or any sort of TV besides DVDs) at my house because we're so far out in the boondocks (middle of nowhere). It's annoying, especially considering I'm in college and have a heavy course load, but I've grown up without so it's okay.

If I had to choose between two weeks of food and two weeks of internet I'd take the internet every single time. It's a lot easier to scrounge up the couple bucks it takes to eat every day or so than it is to scrounge the month's internet bill. And it's possible to use the internet to help you make some of that money.

jonahwalzer 12

That sucks....maybe invest in your own wifi or ask your neighbors for the password?

yeah giving out your WiFi password doesn't sound like a smart idea, slows down the connection and then you have the neighborhood freeloading off you

"Hi sir, umm I was just in the middle of a test and I noticed you have password protected your internet to stop others from using it, and racking up your bill. Smart guy you are. Any who, what is that password? My test is timed..."

I used to let my neighbor use mine, but he also paid me 10 bucks a month for doing so. He was never home enough to get the use out of buying his own and I was the only one using mine. Some times things can work out. But using it without asking for the rights too, then expecting sympathy when you lose it. That just isn't going to happen.

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179- That's what I was going to say. OP could ask for the password and just pay the neighbor a monthly fee for the use of his WiFi.

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How is it a FYL? He should have stopped being a moocher

While the timing sucks he shouldnt mooch so its a YDI

Chellybelly92 14

Yea, the only thing I see with this is karma definitely kicked in.

Yeah, it's definitely a YDI. Even if he thinks 'well it's their own damn fault for not passwording it, I might as well use it because if I don't someone else will anyway' you still don't use the stolen wifi for something like a timed exam!! What if it had just broken, bad connection or something? You have no way of fixing it if you can't access it. Just all round a bad idea.

Ambrily 27

Do you usually use your neighbours' connection? That's the only reason why you should think about this as a FYL...

At first I thought your life sucked but then I really thought about it. Get your own bloody wifi OP, then you wouldn't have this problem. That's like me complaining that the DVD I stole is scratched and I can't watch it.

ThatFancyPenn 18

Are people not thinking about the fact that wifi can be pretty expensive depending on where you're living and maybe OP is a college student and can't pay for their own wifi?

crazytwinsmom 25

What about the person they are sponging off? Maybe they are a struggling with it too. OP could offer to help pay, but not just freeload. They got what they deserved.

157, as a poor college student myself, I can tell you that wifi is pretty much one of the first things you get, because it's a necessity for doing homework and tests and passing your courses. Next comes food.

So, you freeload and then blame your neighbor for this?

HeyHeyFishFillet 34

This was the universe giving the most perfect punishment for you. YDI

Exactly, he was stealing the guys wifi and it's his neighbors fault to what happened. GET YOUR OWN WIFI OP.