By WPA2 OR DEATH - 07/12/2012 21:49 - Australia - Queanbeyan

Today, my dad got a warning from our ISP for going well over their fair usage limit. I barely use our wifi, and I keep telling him he should password-protect our router to stop people leeching our Internet. He's blaming me anyway, and says I'm grounded until January. FML
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People are always the most stubborn when they're wrong.

WestSoy 9

God damn jerks stealing your wifi


WestSoy 9

God damn jerks stealing your wifi

LO388 7

OP should make sure the windows are closed so the wifi doesn't get out.

9-Personally i just keep a net over my windows so I can enjoy the fresh air and know that my wifi is safe.

LO388 7

26 - Yeah but then you need to make sure you have the right kind of net. If the holes are too big or the bandwidth is too small it will slip right through.

Wait if you close your windows your wifi won't get out?!? I've gotta try this !!

I sympathize for anyone who took my comment serious ...

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This reminds me of the FML where someones mother actually thought you could keep wifi contained by closing windows

Reminds me of an FML where someone set their name to: try to hack this. Left his house came back and it was changed to: Challenge accepted

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Well password protect it for him

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Well stuff cost money. That's why u get a password sorry op

When I see an open Wi-Fi, I just assume that whoever left it open is simply kind enough to share his internet connection with passersby. If you're too dumb to password your Wi-Fi, no one can be blamed except you. The only jerk in this FML is the dad.

People are always the most stubborn when they're wrong.

I didn't even know ISPs had Internet limits.

Use oh so many gigabytes and they tend to get annoyed by you. Easiest way to hit that would like 50 DVDs of movies. If these leeches wanted blood instead of data they'd be long dead.

Sandman, I have downloaded more then that and no issue..

Op go into your router there is an option to block mac addresses. You can set it to only allow your family devices. Your dad won't find out easily.

That's assuming that op knows how to access the router. That being said if she does know how to access it she could just put a password on it, its a fair bit easier than blocking all but a few mac addresses the family has

66 Say ops dad has a friend over and they wanna connect. He sees it has a password he's going to get pissed at op. Mac block He simply won't connect and the dad won't be any the wiser as to why. Also on some routers theres an option to block all that you don't list.

But it's also pretty easy to spoof a MAC address. Op should find the story on the guy who almost went to prison for child **** because of unsecured wifi then suggest putting a password on it. Make sure to use wpa though.

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This is not a terrible idea. Every time I get arrested, I just tell the officer "No, actually I'm placing you under citizen's arrest." Works every time.

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I hate it when parents do that, blame us for the problem without listening to anything you say

leave it to people to steal wifi and get people grounded...I say time to strike back!

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How do you think people steal your wifi? Try thinking next time

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Those darn people. I vote to just get rid of all of them. Who's with me?

#32 you don't put a password on your wifi therefore everyone has access to it. that's how they "steal" it and that's how OP here got grounded

58 There's a neat little program called backtrack. It can hack passwords.

Tough cookies kid. You are posting stories on the Internet tho. God I feel old saying this, but when I was kid and I was grounded I learned to start playing imaginary games with carpet and lead paint to entertain myself.

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According to your profile you're 25, that's not even close to being old.

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That is nothing 8, when I was a kid I used to go in my closet and jerk off to Master Shredder from the Ninja Turtles when I was bored. Suck it.

that's nothing when I was a kid and I got grounded, I would post on Facebook how much my life sucked.

Why the thumbs down? I didn't have a computer to post on fml or a cell phone that could do more than make call when I was young enough to be grounded. Being grounded meant I stayed in my room with NOTHING. Kids these days are spoiled rotten.

I'm curious to know how my cynical outlook has anything to do with the comparison of activities performed while being grounded. Namely posting to a website while being grounded until January.

Tell all those mooching ass holes, if they want free Wi-Fi to go to McDonald's.

I thought this was going to be an FML because the dad used up all your internets watching ****, I guess that shows where my mind is at...

Yup, them catholic school gi... I mean wonderful educational sites for Op. :)

If there is a better use for the Internet, I haven't found it.