By Anonymous - 17/03/2011 18:57 - United States

Today, after speeding home due to an overflowing bladder, I ran to the bathroom, forgetting that the toilet seat was broken. While doing my business, the toilet seat and I both slid off the bowl. FML
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How did it break in the first place? Take it easy.

it's not a huge deal, don't get all pissy about it.


How did it break in the first place? Take it easy.

that mustve pissed you off

what a shitty situation to be in. lol

Wow... I knew /someone/ would make that comment.

haha I figured no one did it so I might as well be the first. lol

its better to be pissed off than pissed on. in this case, he was both

he is a she....,

why do my comments always get modded? im not even trolling on some of my this one its gonna get thumbs down, but meh

OP, use GoGirl!

ever heard of a blumpkin?

I've actually Been in a situation like this before.. except it involves boiling water and some uncooperative macaroni noodles -.-

holy shit, epic macaroni convo starting up again *grabs bowl and cheese*

haha. grabs separate pot and macaroni LETS DO THIS FOR PERSIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

84 & 90... holy shit what have I started? :') y'all make me so proud.. :D *cranks up Dora soundtrack* let's do this!

what you have started my friend, is called a macaroni movement. in which case the best and brightest people go and burn trolls to shreds with macaroni. lol

what is it with you and macaroni?

Now everytime I see ur pic Bunni I think, "And here comes the macaroni!" lmfao

thaats why guys are luckyy. they dont havee to sitt on dirtyy publiic toiletss :/ or in this case, broken ones ;D

very well spoken 100!

100 - It seems your hands are shaking so much you've doubled a few of your letters unnecessarily. Maybe you should get that checked out.

its the other way around #95

23 dollars. More Gangsta than 17 dollars.

What is that thing he's doing with his fingers?

#13 I guess it's some gang sign... I'm sure he feels better now knowing he's got a whopping what was it $13 or $17? either way it's stupid and funny :0)

13- He's throwing up a sign...

FUK BLOODS Cs up lol jkjkjkjkjk i aint bangin lol

Ouch! Poor toilet seat...

that's why guys rule

your pic made me laugh

that's a rude picture to have, jackass.

k, girls don't fucking drool. I <3 them. don't be mad cus you can't get any girls to pay attention to you

whats wrong with the pic. I'm being completely serious.

103 absolutely nothing that I can see.

idk but it made me lol xD

it's like riding a surfboard but you're shitting everywhere instead

hahahahahahaha wtf? you deserve a prize for that random comment .

cldean24 4

I wish FML had a high five button.

I'd be pissed.

I don't aPEEciate the tone you're using with me!

I don't aPEEciate the tone you're using with me!

I don't aPEEciate the tone you're using with me!

Get over it! &gt;:-/

Get over it! &gt;:-/

whoah there buddy, how did the freaking toilet seat break? that leaves me mysteriously curious...

dang that's a FAT SQUIRREL! he must really be packing some nuts

It obviously wasn't in PISStine condition. :P

At least u were home and could have changed still sucks though.

All slippy slidey. lol

omg... dude u look just like justin bieber.. idk if u take that offensive or not but im not even kidding.. u look just like him..

Not at all, actually.

no in his old pic he idk now..