By Anonymous - United States
Today, four hours before a test, I received an email from my professor saying that the test had been canceled. When I checked my email again before bed, I found another email from my professor saying that his email had been hacked and the test was was still on. FML
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By  capnbzarr  |  43

The professor basically has to offer a second sitting of the test (but not for the hacker, if found), especially since he acknowledged the counterfeit email in his follow-up email.


If you're in college, you'll likely be checking your college email more often than once a week. Professors and TAs send out notes and important announcements, and if you miss those emails, it's your fault for not checking. If a class (especially an early one) gets canceled, do you want to walk/bike/longboard all the way across campus or go all the way from home just to find out it's canceled when you get there?

In this case though, the professor should reschedule the test for the following week or the next class, since they did get hacked and a good number of students were led to believe the test was canceled.

  beatrucelynn  |  0

not true, I read my emails EVERYDAY, and NO I do not sit at my computer staring at the screen waiting on an email (I am self employeed and work another job as well) but I still at least check my emails every hour or two, it takes like 3 minutes to glance at it.


The university I attend has a rule that states every student must check his/her email daily. The email is a school account, and they prefer not to have it linked to mobile devices for security reasons.

if I was this student, I would fight for an opportunity to take a make up test. it's not the student's fault if the professor's email was hacked.

  Bano360  |  25

I get texts if a lecture is cancelled. It's very rare that a lecturer sends anything important in an email. We have a webcourses site for that, basically you log in, view all your subjects. Each subject has a sub section with announcements, assessments etc.

  RODEOqueen  |  0

People, every University is different. And not all American students live on campus, in many cases only freshmen live on campus.

I check my email every morning, but then very rarely after that. And all of my professors contact me through email for important announcements.

OP, if the prof won't let you retake the test, go to the department head or to the Dean. FYL

  bwinski  |  19

that was my thought too. Does this timeline make sense to anyone? 4 hours before the test they get an email that it is cancelled. Then OP gets ready for bed and its not cancelled. So did OP pull an all-night, because they are going to bed a couple hours before the test (in which case they should be good for the test) or there is some error in the submission...

  ChibiChibi_fml  |  27

I'm not sure what's confusing you. The OP checked their email 4 hours prior to when the test was supposed to occur and they had an e-mail saying the test was cancelled. Having read that they continued on with the rest of their day minus going to the class to take their test. At the end of the day ,hours after they should have been in class taking the test, as they were getting ready to go to bed for the night, they checked their e-mail for a second and final time that day and found that the professor had sent out an email saying that the test was not cancelled and was still on. Since they had waited till the end of the night to check their email again they had already missed the test.

  pins91  |  27

Why is that confusing? He checked his emails 4 hours before a test, to find out it was cancelled. So he went about the rest of his day and Just before he went to bed that night, he happened to check his emails again and he found the other one letting him know it was still on...

  No_LoveMM  |  3

Sorry I guess I misread the FML, it appeared to me at first that when OP checked his email the second time, it was still before the testing period.