By Anonymous - 24/11/2010 13:18 - Sweden

Today, my cute co-worker asked if he could use my computer. I told him my password and went to the bathroom. When I came back he said he'd finished. I tried to log in, but my password wouldn't work. I then noticed a post-it note on the desk saying, "Stop stalking me and I'll change the password back." FML
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sarabraun8 7

haha deserved

Seriously, stop stalking him.


sarabraun8 7

haha deserved

xXgUeSsWhAtXx 9

well....ARE you?

lol this wouldnt happen if you were hot.

#8 is stupid, and everyone has to realize that OP never said she was stalking.

she never denied it either... hmmm

but wouldn't he have to be stalking her in order to know her password so that he could change it?

sarabraun8 7

she told him her password herself. reread it

reading before posting would be nice!! if you're stalking him, ydi! if not, well, you can always speak to him! lol

although... kinda a stupid way to get her to stop stalking.. now she HAS to stalk him for the password.

bamagrl410 31

I agree with 60 haha. The first thing that came to mind reading this was: owned. OP, YDI for stalking your co-worker. If you like him that much, just talk to him or ask him out. You just blew any chance you might have had...

Step 1) Go to school, Step 2) Learn the ABCs, Step 3) Learn mechanics, syntax, and grammar of the English language, Step 4) Re-read the OP's story.

I know my syntax, it's C4 stuffed in a tube sock covered in axle grease. don't make me your enemy.

iBiteRoses 22


shinersaboss 0

What does OP Stand for??

well...stop stalking him

Seriously, stop stalking him.

srsly, your ugly as sht

Save_Bandit 5

do you actually stalk him?

I think that the reason he knew he could get her password just by asking it confirms it.

stop stalking him then

Wow, these comments are all so very clever and original. YDI for being a creeper!!!

I have some very valuable feedback to offer.. stop stalking him!

You be pwned!

KittehSayzRAWR 0

I'd also check your Facebook once you get your account back...

*genius, genius!

darkblonde 0

Or perhaps ingenious! :D