By Anonymous - 07/02/2013 06:20 - United States - Vancouver

Today, my manager asked me for the password to my Internet so she could Skype family since she can't pay her bill. This is the same woman who just a week ago tried to evict me because my rent was an hour late. Trying to be the bigger person, I gave her the password. She changed my password. FML
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And that is what being too nice can get you. A sad truth, but the truth nonetheless.

just reset the settings


And that is what being too nice can get you. A sad truth, but the truth nonetheless.

That's because OP is retarded. How can she change the password if she only has the wifi password? clearly he has 0 security.

Thats all you need to change it.

The router which does the wifi should come with a user and pass.. Op clearly never changed them from default.. So yes #8 did have a valid point.. Op just reset the damn router... Push in that little button on the back...

It's too bad I can't delete my comments while under Edit time.

OP can always turn off the router while not using the wifi (yes, routers have off switches)

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Just remember.... Push overs get taken advantage of, and bitches don't get ****** with.

Yea but when the bitch ends up needing something, no one is going to help them. Nice with a backbone is the way to go.

Also, being a pushover or bitch aren't the only two options... You can be a nice respectful person whom has boundaries.

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What the heck, my thumbs up was represented as thumbs down???

OP gave her the password.. Therefore had a password on their Wifi (be it default or other) and they changed it. The woman didn't hack into their account!

91 There's the wifi password, then there is the password to get into the router to change the wifi password..

I apologise in that case :)

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Fuck her up

Actually if no one sets up a router password which is normally left blank but sets up a WEP or WEP2 password once someone gets that password they can access the routers administration systems and change the password. I Know. ;) ive done it to my neighbor many times


just reset the settings

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Now that's some bullshit right there, son. :-P

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Yes... We should all just be jerks to everybody else. That'll make the world a whole ton better...

You're right, there's no hope for us if douchebags and people who think like you continue to exist.

and that is why you protect the modem settings using a seperate password.

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Call your internet service provider. I'm sure they can help you reset your router. Plus there's usually a little hole that says reset, and you can push something like a toothpick in there to press the button. Just trying to be helpful in case you read this, OP. :)

That won't reset his Skype password..

She changed the wifi password, not skype

Resetting the Router will put it to Factory Settings. Meaning you will have to set it all back up. (Resetting will also put the Actual Login go back to Default) As for Skype he can change it quite easily via Email.

Usually there is a factory reset button on the router OP. Just press that button and set up the router again.

Hopefully you don't use the same password for everything.

I would report her to the owners... But I'm spiteful.

No that's justified, spiteful would be something much nastier, like a flaming bag of dog poo on her front step

That's not spite. That's reporting a manager who behaved unprofessionally.