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Today, my mother found out about the psychology exam I have to take tomorrow. Before leaving for her vacation this morning, she grabbed the internet router and took it with her to "get rid of distractions". I have one day to figure out how to access this online exam without Internet. FML
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Or just connect their computer/laptop directly to the modem. Assuming they have an Ethernet cord and all. I'm sure the mother wouldn't have taken both with her.

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"Hi, can I get a mocha frappe and a MacBook along with the password to use your internet, please? To go is fine"

Some yes but these are fairly rare. I only know of 2 manufacturers that even make them and they only make 1 model each that I'm aware of.

modem routers are really common nowadays.. and alot "normal folk will call them either modem or routers. And generally it isnt that big of a deal for anyone to correct them. I feel this could be either, but Op could easily buy a new one in a day.. or go to starbucks / mcds / uni labs for internet access.. there is also 3g i guess

I've never had a modem/router that wasn't all in the same unit and i don't think they've been manufactured separately for a while now.

You need a modem for an ethernet cord to work

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Thanks for your contribution.

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Well, at least you tried. Good job at Interneting

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Phone? But it's hard to take exams on a phone..

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On a phone or 3G enabled tablet

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may be he could create a mobile wifi hotspot from phone and then use it in his pc.

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#28 This. But risky because it dies out on a whim sometimes. Usually during exams. It's a bitch that way.

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"Data" on a phone? Wow, it's 2015 who knew?

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maybe this happened quite a long time ago, but we cannot write "a year ago" instead of today

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#21 3G? we are in 2015 so there is LTE on some tablets now.

I have an iPad mini first gen which is from like 2012 and I'm using LTE on it right now. LTE tablets have been out for a while

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Yes the library!! Or internet cafes.. most people forget about those :P

#4 asks how did you post this then went on to say you can use the data on the cell phone.... bruh you answered your own question

I mean I assumed she would have used one of those methods I was just curious as to which one.

I doubt she would have taken the router had she known your exam was online.

That's the point: OP's mom didn't know that it was online.

And? Is no one allowed to come to the defense of the ignorant mother, simply because it sucked for the OP?

Maybe communication is the key. Did she ask if he needed the internet for the test Wether it be to study or take the test? Of course not otherwise she would of left it. The mothers fault.

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The same way you're posting this fml?

It's 2015 people have smartphones that can use "data" or 4g/3G enabled tablets

There is this magical thing called mobile internet which means you can use the internet on without WIFI

Wow what is this magical internet thing that I have never heard of?

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How about going to the library?

How about not commenting the same thing everyone already said?

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Try going to a friends house, or a library maybe. If you're not near any cafes or restaurant type settings, try to go to a neighbor and explain the situation. Sorry that this happened OP! Hope you do well on you're exam!

You can use your phone's cellular network as a router

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I doubt OP has an unlimited data plan, unless you want to sponsor him. FML isn'ta very data intensive app. An exam is.