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  EmmaMK  |  35

Nothing wrong with being starkers in your own home. Hundreds of naturist beaches is Europe. It's normal.
Maybe ask them to tell you when they are naked if it bothers you.

  Ashamed_Sister  |  60

@53: No, you cannot. You simply assume something which would be embarrassing for is equally embarrassing for me, but my comment should tell you that it is not. The reason for my user name is completelly different.

  culphy  |  14

My family are nudists too. Nudism isn't rare in my house. My mum does chores naked. We actually own a beautiful nudist park on the south coast of Australia. My parents will inherit it off my grandparents and then my sister and I will. Nice having your retirement sorted at 19 :)

By  andiesaur  |  18

Some things just shouldn't happen... I think witnessing that is one of them. Good luck with the parents, OP. At least they weren't having sex when you caught them.

  Mrtigerblue  |  14

#6 it's their pool they have every right to be naked op can stay in his room if he's uncomfortable with that fact. if I had a pool I'd be naked in it unless I had to not be(in situations like company)