By Anonymous - 14/12/2014 07:07 - Canada - London

Today, my mom wouldn't let me go to the YMCA pool with the rest of the family. She said that the sound my thighs make when they rub together is "embarrassing". FML
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Attacksloth 33

Don't invite her to the next event you host because the sound her lips and vocal chords make are embarrassing.


Thunder Thighs

wtf #21 I'm sure your comment really helped with OPs self esteem.

Wait a minute. Going to the pool. In December. In CANADA. Am I the only one who found this odd?

Just curious, but what does it sound like?

Like he has fans (*clap* *clap *clap*)

they call it thunder..and that's how the the word thunder thighs is made...

Embarrassment, apparently.

Fap, fap, fap, fap, fap... Fap, fap.

Constructive criticism delivered best by mothers...

how is that even remotely constructive? she could have suggested dieting or exercise in a positive way rather than just tearing the kid down by saying their physical appearance is an embarrassment.

#89 she was being sarcastic.

If you're comfortable and happy with your body who cares what others think? Your mother should appreciate this

Why on earth should her mother appreciate her daughters obesity? (Yes, I am making that assumption because I've never noticed this occurring with people in the averages of our population.) Granted it was a very shitty way to say it, but there is no reason it should be anything more than accepted. You don't encourage unhealthy living like smoking, why is it any different?

Nowhere in the post says OP is obese. Don't assume things. They might be perfectly healthy, or just a little bit overweight. Big thighs does not immediately equal obese #54

Being overweight does not equal "perfectly healthy". You cannot detach the health concerns of too high/too low body weight just because of image issues. Also, big thighs doesn't mean unhealthy, where as ones that clap when you walk more than likely point to a very high body fat percentage.

In the website rules it says that you're supposed to have fun here :(

#54 i am in no way overweight, and my thighs touch/rub together. maybe dont be so quick to jump to assumptions that the OP is obese.

You can be skinny and have thighs that touch. I'm 5'3 and weigh 115lbs and my thighs have touched my entire life. Whether or not your thighs touch has less to do with how fat you are and more to do with your bone structure.

#54 , someone already stated that OP never said they were overweight, and that they have thighs that touch. its true. I'm pretty skinny and my thighs make a little noise when I'm in a bathing suit. I actually have a friend who falls into the "obese" category and her thighs don't touch. Don't be so quick to assume things like that

I am aware having a thigh gap is the less frequent trait. Having thighs that touch is in no way abnormal. Having thighs that clap when you walk is not something I would consider healthy or normal. I don't believe anyone is less of a person for their weight, but it would be wrong to call someone who is overweight perfectly healthy as it is not true. And yes, you might know a friend that is the outlier for this but it doesn't represent the standard.

cjwayy 22

@murythawn STILL. A mother should not shame her child like that in such a blunt and destructive way. It's a terrible thing for a mother to say to her child. And excluding OP from a family activity because of their body type is cruel.

Please read my first post before making it seem like I am insensitive. I agree wholeheartedly and already stated similar thoughts.

#54 my thighs rub together and make noise about have the time. I'm nearly underweight. as well as younger than 18. So, they could be an hourglass as well or a pear shape. which means you store fat in your butt thighs, and chest. for a pear it's just in your butt and thighs. first anyways and the majority of your fat. That's not unhealthy.

Thats nice, my comment wasn't a personal attack. Despite your injured pride, I am not targeting anyone. Have a nice day!

squideth 18

You are literally targeting anyone who has thicker thighs, which is A LOT of people. You're a miserable uninformed body-shamer. Congrats and I hope your horrible comments make you feel really proud.

#67 I didn't say overweight was perfectly healthy, keyword 'or'. Also, you seem to be associating the word overweight with obese. Two different things. Also slightly overweight means maybe a little bit into the bmi category, not borderline obese. I'm not saying OP is overweight, I personally think she's probably a beautiful, perfect person. Some healthy people's thighs clap, get over it. Doesn't make them any less of a person. It doesn't matter OP's size, what matters is she isn't afraid of going to to pool, she isn't starving or throwing up, she's probably eating like the normal, healthy person she is.

#54 not every f***ing one has to have a thigh gap I am obese and I don't care what people say put that comment is really rude what would you do if you were fat as most people call it probably like you

FlinkeMeisje 5

#54 - For the sake of argument, let's take your statement that the OP is obese, and go with it. Why, then, would any sensible person forbid the obese OP from going to the YMCA pool and exercising? Shouldn't they, instead, be encouraging the obese OP to get out and exercise? This is as bad as yelling at a fat person using the treadmill in the gym, because "you don't want to see that," or yelling at a fat person who is out walking, or jogging, and telling them to get off the street, because you don't want to see that. All this combined with the eternal barrages to "put down the fork and go for a walk." You can't have it both ways! Either encourage the person to exercise, because they are fat, or else tell them to hide because they are fat, but if you tell them to hide because they are fat, don't you DARE claim to be concerned about their health. Activities such as swimming and walking are good for anyone's health, regardless of weight.

My thighs rubbed together at 130 pounds. Not everyone is shaped the same whether or not they are fat or thin. Some people can have thick or muscular thighs.

This is as stupid as the 'thigh gap' debate. NO ONE cares about the reason. The mom's just plain rude.

I'm really sorry to hear that, OP. Your mother is embarrassing for saying something like that to her son/daughter. And for shunning you away from family activities.

Yes a terrible mom I hope she apologized afterwards! But not even just apologized.. I don't feel like that would be enough. It's rude remarks such as that one which can cause an eating disorder.

Attacksloth 33

Don't invite her to the next event you host because the sound her lips and vocal chords make are embarrassing.

^ Brilliant! ? Best response.

that, while being sad, is making me interested to hear this sound

That's horrible :(

I think it's messed up that she excluded you from a family event for something you can't help. She obviously has terrible values, you'll have more fun with friends who respect you. Sorry it happened OP, you don't need that kind of negativity around.

Next family event you go to, overly exaggerate the noise. That'll show her.