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Today, my boyfriend told me that he'd feel like a failure if he went to community college. I'm planning to go to community college next year. FML
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At least you're moving ahead. Don't worry, you'll be fine. :)

College is expensive as hell. You'll save a ton of money by going to a community college and as long as you still get a degree from a good school you'll be fine.


At least you're moving ahead. Don't worry, you'll be fine. :)

It's different OP. Some people don't like communality college. Everybody is different! He might of formulated it in the wrong way but he meant well! (I'm assuming)

Any moron with a GPA of under a 2.0 can get into community college. That is the reason why cc are looked as a lame education. While it is true that the education is cheaper and classes are smaller, they tend to be filled with idiots that never cared about high schoo. now imagine you worked hard thru high school and you achieved wonders, top of the class, etc. No matter all the hard work you did, if you go to a cc you will be at the same level as the kid who cut all his classes and graduated with a 65 in summer school. this is not always the case, sometimea kids are smart, they just dont have the money. There is always state colleges, cheaper, better reputation, just bigger classes. If you are a smart kid however, most likely you will get a nice scholarship, which is why its a stereotype that average and below average students go to cc.

Really? I know plenty of morons who got good grades in high school and went to a university or state college. Just because you can turn in homework assignments, that doesn't necessarily mean you are smart. The only people who make comments like the one OP's boyfriend made, are elitist and tend to think more of themselves than they probably should.

#49 shut up

I don't know about in the States, but in Canada a college degree is a college degree, no matter where you went, and any employer that sees you have a college degree will give you the time of day. I understand wanting a really high end college if you are planning to be a lawyer in a top firm in a major city like New York, but I'm sure a community college degree will be fine for almost any other job. You go where you can with the money you can and this way you won't spend the next 20+ years in debt. :)

lol get over yourself

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(49) Actually, the "morons" typically don't make it out of the developmental courses. Once you get in to the college track, the education is actually comparable to universities at lower-level courses. Freshman Comp is the same at an accredited community college as it is for University of [insert state here]. You could argue that you'll actually get more passionate teachers at a community college: those who are there because they love teaching and not only teaching classes so that they can do research. Classes aren't dumped off on graduate students. Students are often more mature at community colleges, also. Community colleges are full of non-traditional students with a lot of life experiences. They're not there to go to frat parties. They're there to take College Algebra, and then go to work, and then help their kids with homework. I began at a community college, and I graduated near the top of my high school class. At the end of the day, my Bachelor's degree says the same thing as people who spent four (or five...or six) years at the university, unless theirs doesn't say Summa Cum Laude.

Maybe 49 is OP's boyfriend lol. Even if you plan on going to a big expensive school in the future, going to a cc can be a great way to get your basic classes without paying thousands or ten thousand+ to take the same classes you took in high school and some electives. Hell, some people get their associates/bachelors from cheap schools and go to a big one for their masters. They get the same degree as everyone that did all of it there at a fraction of the cost. Yes stupid people are there but it's not like they get a free degree for showing up, they end up failing out. Plus there are plenty of idiots in state schools.

#49, I started at a community college, and I graduated in the top 5% of my class in high school. I earned a scholarship to pay for four semesters at my community college, so it saved me even more money than it was already going to. I got my associates degree and transferred to a very exclusive private college, and all of my general education credits are taken care of so I can focus on my major. I will have half the student loan debt that my peers who went straight to a four-year school will. Community college is not for morons who can't get in anywhere else. Those people who don't do their work do not get degrees. It is real college, with real grades, real professors, real classes, and real degrees. I had a great experience at community college, and I'd go back if I had to do it all over again. It sounds like you've never even set foot on a community college's campus. Please educate yourself before you talk shit, because I guarantee you're wrong about absolutely everything you said. It's insulting.

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Yeah, I've got to say the same thing. I go to a community college, and it's been a much more academically meaningful experience than my thirteen years of private school. I graduated Salutatorian from my school, took a year off, then went to a community college to get my feet wet. The professors all try extremely hard to make sure the students understand, and do well, as I do trying to understand and jump through the hoops. I've met half the campus, so far, but only a few people I've met have been ignorant bastards. Most of the kids care about ambitiously seeking their futures, and the older people are all seeking a quality to their wisdom. There's nothing unreputable about community college, unless you think that having a chance to make connections and stand out confidently is a bad thing...

like it or not this is the truth. Colleges are not expensive if you get good grades in high school. i go to a 50k university and pay 0. At the end of the year I get $2,000 back from scholarships. I took out no loans, I am not in debt, and in 3 years I will have my Masters in Accounting. Not all people that go to Community College are morons, but most of them are. Dont take any offense, I am jusy stating the truth here.

102 well that's where you are wrong. I went to community college as a senior to take freshman classes to get a step ahead in my college career. It was honestly the worst experience ever. everyone who was in the class i took had graduates from High School 2 or 3 years prior and didnt really care. Most of them screwed around in high school and were forced to go to cc to get a degree and then transfer to a good college. I mean, cc usually offer 2-3 years because they are supposted to be an aid for those student that dont have the financial or academic needs to go to a real college. Having an associate degree from a cc its def not the same as having a bachelor from any other school.

Kudos to you! Push through and get that degree and don't let anyone get you down!

Should be proud of yourself. Don't worry what he thinks.

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Community College isn't for everyone, but it can be a great stepping stone for some.

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It's a lot better then working at McDonald's.

What's wrong with working at McDonald's while going through college?

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#6, ten years ago, nothing. Now? Everything. Forget about working there while going to college; it no longer pays enough to do that, and it no longer accommodates college schedules. I have had plenty of students that had to quit work there to attend college. Back when it paid more than a couple quarters over minimum for HS graduates, it was fine. Now? It's about the most low-paying, under-appreciated place to work outside of Walmart!

I'm in high school, work at Wal-Mart, and make $10.33 per hour. I do not know why many think Wal-Mart is this evil corporation that sucks the life out of everyone.

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Maybe because Walmart shuts down every local business within a 30 mile radius, or because they don't allow employees to form unions, which allows them to undercut their employees benefits which the taxpayers have to comp in social programs. Or maybe because all their products are made in sweat shops in china, or maybe because through it all the family that owns Walmart donates absolutely nothing to charity.

6, I'm pretty sure 5 meant that going to community college will most likely get Op a better career choice than just working at McDonald's for the rest of their lives and never going to college in the first place.

Walmart starts at minimum wage, so unless you started there at 15 and are now a senior in high school, you're so full of it lol. Plus Walmart treats all of their employees like garbage and don't give 2 fucks about taking care of employees. They even go as far as trying to break the law by telling people to clock out and keep working. 69 has it spot on! Nothing wrong with working there while you better your situation, but don't make a career out of it.

College is expensive as hell. You'll save a ton of money by going to a community college and as long as you still get a degree from a good school you'll be fine.

Sadly degrees don't mean a lot a anymore. And while you might need one for a lot of jobs, the emphasis has shifted to who you know at the company where you desire to work. So start networking now. It'll really help out in a few years.

I should probably Google this but - is community college free? If you can get a degree from there then why doesn't everyone do it?

No, 66, Community college isn't free. It is, however, a hell of a lot cheaper.

It's not free but it's much cheaper and more accessible.

I would say it's pretty damn close to free compared to a lot of universities.

You're doing what you feel is right, it's a good stepping stone and a way to get into better jobs!

guess who sucks!

You'll save a lot of money going through community college. I did all my prerequisites from a community college, transferred those credits to a university and then got my bachelors. You'll do good. Don't worry!

Maybe she wants to be a doctor or humanitarian. Then she'll be doing good :-P

I don't do a lot of commenting, but PLEASE listen to #10!! I used to be so snobby about CC, because of the negative connotations associated with them, but a LOT of people I talked to said they'd wished they would've started out at a CC and followed up at a uni later in life. Would've saved a ton of money!

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Maybe he has a lot of pressure on him to go to a 4 year right away? Might want to mention your plans soon though, so he can avoid making comments that sting unintentionally like that :) Community college is a fantastic choice, btw. Early congrats on joining the cool kids club ;D