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Today, I had to explain to my 65-year-old mother that it is inappropriate for her to walk around in front of me in her underwear. Her response? "Too bad." FML
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HiddenMonkey 8

Is it her house? Too bad for you. Your house? She did wipe your ass for you when you could and all those hard times in school. Let mom have her fun.


yeah she's your mom u need to respect her or kick her out of your house because you are a pedophile who loves in her basement eating chettoz and playing madern Warefare 3 were not crazy we see the REAL you original poster .

Leave a skid mark on her belly, that will stop it.

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get a job and out of your moms house, I know someone that's never had a girl.. you will probably only get some by seducing her next time she walks by cause I doubt you'll ever have a "partner" besides the girl (creepy guy) you met on world of warcraft.

Exactly, this is only a problem when you're in the same area as your mother. Grow up, get out and never look back.

tifani322 13

Now you've seen your momma inside an out :) jk. I feel bad for you :( I would hate seeing my mom in underwear.

KRS_13 0

I wonder If op's mom is wearing a bra or just in underwear? Well probably not because OP would have most likely specified that.

Oh so it's okay for a father to sit in his underwear while drinking a beer?! But god forbid a women do it, that would be inappropriate!! I think society needs to embrace the nude people of this nation, let us cup the balls of liberty, and stroke the breast of justice!

TexasMud 8

Well... OP brings back terrible memories of the "tooth fairy." #54 you're pretty funny

54 that's fine and Dandy if the balls are young and the breasts are firm. There isn't a single damn day I don't wish or dream or perform rituals that speak of a world without clothes and lusty sex crazed people where anyone and everyone was having sex, but there comes an age where the skin should never be seen bare again...

The_Tool1 13

Why do people even wear clothes? I agree with 54.

Well it's true, who would like to see their parents or grandparents in the underwear... Let along naked

I've seen my grandmother naked. And my mom. I've also seen my grandmother on the John! She can go in the dark for all I care but shut the damn door!

HiddenMonkey 8

Is it her house? Too bad for you. Your house? She did wipe your ass for you when you could and all those hard times in school. Let mom have her fun.

savona01 7

Why do you still live with your mother?

Where exactly does it say that he lives with his mother?

I don't see op's age, either. Maybe they're sixteen or something?

Given that Mom is 65 there is always the possibility of her having health issues and needing her child there to help her out.

#42 if OP is about 16. Her mom would've been around 49 when she's pregnant. Isn't that a bit unlikely? Pardon me if I'm mistaken.

Unlikely but not unheard of. It's actually becoming much more common for women near or in their fifties to choose to reproduce. It does come with greater health risks to do so though.

My mom is in her sixties.. I was adopted though.

cannabistea 7

Yeah, my mom's 60 and I'm 17.

bananahannah60 0

Just walk around naked too. See how she likes it. Or you know, get your own place.

I forgot that once a child moves out, they never see or visit there parents again. Thanks for reminding me of the obviously more probable scenario...

No but you could make your mom come to your place. Since she has to travel outside, she's more likely to throw some clothes on. Move out of your moms basement and maybe you could learn some more about the whole mom/son visiting dynamic.

Your mom gave you life, so guess deal with it

At 65, she's probably already set in her ways. There's not much you can do about it except accept her for who she is.

Clamcreepy 7

Ew, she's a rude old grumpy hag who's obviously proud of her body which isn't good. Just go blind whenever she's in your presence.

tifani322 13

You most likely just described yourself. Let the lady be! Especially if she's happy with her body. What's so wrong about that

Clamcreepy 7

She should be considerate of others. Nothing wrong with being free and letting the clothes come off but there's a time and place for everything and being almost naked in front of her grand child is something most people or other grandmothers wouldn't approve of

Clamcreepy 7

Oh damn my mistake I really need to start using that "show me the comment" feature more often..sorry FML community :( Bring on the thumbs *walks away disappointed*