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Today, I asked my mom why nobody likes me. She reeled off about a dozen reasons. FML
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Rosebudx 32

Because you ask questions and get mad when people answer them honestly?

ScottVining 21

Dont worry us people from the internet like you


We'll now you know she "tells the truth" FYL though

Honesty is the best policy, doesn't mean the truth can't hurt.

slutfactory 17

Sorry about your mom's brutal honesty, OP. I guess you didn't inherit her candor.

incoherentrmblr 21

Well, you did ask for it. Ask and you shall receive (unless it's currency). At least she was honest with you. Now, you can find ways to improve or cut certain people out if your life...

perhaps listen to what she's saying. for all we know you could be a stubborn bitch

Maybe this person did inherit their mothers candor, and maybe that's one of the reasons. People don't like honesty at least when it's critical honesty, maybe this person is just as honest as her parent and that will definitely gain you a few unhappy people if not an outright enemy. Lol

countryrose92 23

Don't ask if you don't want to know

That's what OP deserves for being an attention *****.

ScottVining 21

Dont worry us people from the internet like you

I agree. You have us your Internet friends.

reason we don't like her 1. She's already complaining

She must feel way better knowing random strangers from the internet like her

Internet friends are better then real life friends in my opinion.

She was, but it isn't what she wanted. She wanted validation and for her mum to show her that she is a pretty little snowflake who does no wrong.

Thats what she wanted but that's not what life will give her. Life is tough. Nobody has time to be told that they are pretty little snowflakes. If people don't like you or like what you do f*** them. Life goes on.

Exactly, and any mother can do that and still give advice on how to change what's wrong with out and out seeing me let me give you a dozen things that sucks about you! As a mother I couldnt do that crap. OP I'm sorry that your mother let you down emotionally when you needed her the most today. Good luck.FUL

At least now she can change those bad traits.

Moms for the win. At least she's honest and is wanting the best for you.

Rosebudx 32

Because you ask questions and get mad when people answer them honestly?

Take it as an opportunity to grow if you think any of them are true. Sometimes the truth hurts, but ignorance is never bliss.

If she doesn't like a dozen of your current traits then give her a dozen of your traits that your friends clearly see in you.

what friends? she says nobody likes her. I'd say it sounds like the mom were saying the right things.

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HammyBear13 8

I dont agree. OP asked a question and mama answered honestly. Id stick with that mama. At least she doesnt lie.

It is good to be honest to your child when your a parent. That doesn't mean a mother should put her daughter down. Honesty is good but there is no need to be cruel about it.

I do agree. There's a way to be honest about this with your child and this was not it. A mother is supposed to give constructive criticism not an out and out list of the reasons her child sucks. And it also makes me wonder if her child sucks to the point where she can get her a list of a dozen things to change then her mother deserves a list of a dozen things showing how she failed her child. Otherwise they would never have had this conversation. Keep your chin up 0p, people are ignorant and if they don't like you walk away and find someone who does. And if even though your mother did this the wrong way you can see what she's saying and agree with parts of it then work on that ok? I hope that your day improves. ;-)

It doesn't matter what anybody else thinks of you as long as you are comfortable with who you are.

WasabiMars 21

I disagree to this one (but not totally because sometimes people are really just full of sh-t). A person can be confident with him/herself and still be a bad person. Sometimes a person's own perspective can act as a filter which lets a person highlight the good things about him/herself while neglecting to notice the bad ones. The point is that sometimes other people's perspective can act as an eye-opener to things we never notice in our own.

See, this is exactly how her mother or his mother should have replied to the question.

At least you have us internet friends.