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Today, I took my daughter to the library instead of the pool. I sat her on the counter and, while I reached for my library card, she turned to the librarian and said, "We didn't go to the pool today because Mum has hairy legs." FML
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haha you should have just shaved your legs and go to the pool


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love how children say it how it is

kinda how your a little old to be on fml just saying how it is

Age doesn't matter, it's a community. You monster?!

54 - I was about to say the same thing. Who is 40 to say that you can't go on FML if you're "too old"? Now websites have a limit on how old you can be before you can't go on it any more? Once you're past the mininum age requirement, it's up to you whether you want to go to the website or not. Also, it seems to me that #40 is a bit too young to be on FML, seeing that he/she doesn't know the difference between "your" and "you're".

Breakofdawn, you can kiss my old, wrinkly ass. Show me one shred of evidence that this site was created by children, for children, or about children and I promise I will shut my ancient, decrepit, dusty, toothless maw. Until then, get the **** out and get off my goddamned lawn.

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57 - I agree with you, #40 apparently doesn't even know about punctuation and capitalisation, he's definitely too young to be on FML. Besides, the comments coming from the people with wrinkly asses are the best part of FML! Take Doc for example, what would FML be without his ancient, decrepit, dusty and toothless maw? :D Oh, and don't forget about pendatik, his comments make more sense than anyone else's and he's 84!

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agreed. what has age to do with it?!

haha you should have just shaved your legs and go to the pool

maybe she was out of razors, maybe she was being lazy, ... it's not like most women shave their legs everyday.

even when you're at the pool no one can see your leghair and no one will flirt with you because you have a kid

some people will flirt if they're attracted to her. if she has a kid, then they know she's gotten it on with at least one other person, so why not try their chances with her too? there's some shameless people out there

And it means she might be willing to go bareback. Hubba hubba!

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I rarely shave my legs in the winter cuz I'm wearing jeans or sweats the whole time so no one sees

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That's one bonus of being a nerd: not having to worry so much about personal grooming and hygiene. Of course, that keeps you in the social outcast role that goes along with it. I'll bet the librarian was sporting mullets or Afros on her legs.

probably legfro and crotch mullet. it's always the shit storm when the crotch mullet starts peaking out of your swim suit.

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Ah, quit your bitching OP. At least she was naive enough to think that it was your legs that were hairy and needed shaving.

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FYLDeep is that the In Flames logo as ur pic?

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uh why don't you just shave? it's really not a big deal to lol.

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Haha little kids are so blunt. Gotta love it, should of just took her to the pool doesnt mean you have to swim. Keep her in the shallow end.