By Anonymous - 14/12/2014 07:19 - United States - Reno

Today, I spent well over an hour waiting for customer service to assist me with my forgotten password, only to realize, 5 minutes into the conversation, that I had never created an account in the first place. FML
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Atleast you acknowledged your mistake. Others will be quick to blame customer service.


Oh no! That's really awkward. We all make mistakes OP, it's okay. Hopefully you got out of it!

FHL, seriously, I wonder how he got out of this trouble...

Life is always wasted when you are on the phone listening to that awful staticy (I know, not a real word) music that they always play.

Atleast you acknowledged your mistake. Others will be quick to blame customer service.

That's when they assist you with account creation. If they're in customer service, they have unfortunately seen worse.

They work dealing with people. This was probably one of the easier cases they had all week. (And certainly an easier one to laugh about with coworkers.)

Welp... Just gonna be honest here. This is one of the dumbest things I have heard in a fair amount of time

So true! Why waste an hour pretending for sake of you thinking someone else might think you're dumb, when you could've just said, "sorry my mistake, I actually just remembered I hadn't created an account yet!" I don't understand why that freaks out people so much. It's not a big deal.

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Cocaine. And I believe that when Lois said that, she said meth, not cocaine

Never mind. I thought you were trying to quote family guy... My bad

It's a Rick James quote from The Dave Chappelle show

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Trust me, that has happened to me too, although I wasn't compelled to called customer service. And even though you could've cured cancer with those five minutes you wasted, I wouldn't worry about it.

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I too have tried to remember a password I had for an account only to realize I hadn't created one yet (although I've never called customer service about it). If you're like most people that are on the Internet a lot than you probably have many accounts with different websites and stores and it's hard to keep track of which ones you have. My advice is to write a note in your phone, or computer, of all your accounts with each password, you can use some signs (like *) to block out some letters if you're worried about someone reading it, or just label it under a weird name for a note so no one will open it.

Or use lastpass or something similar. Forgetting you even made an account is easily checkable on most sites though. Forgot password link, use your email address and 99% of the time it will tell you if that address is on the system.